Bethanykaysphotography on instagram

Thought I would share my instagram so that anyone having a bad day could go and find something positive. I started it about a year ago when I wanted to have something to positive to do every evening. I download all of my photos and I post them there. You will have thousand of photos to look at that are uplifting. It is how I end my day every day.

I was out in the rain last night with this fella. Little blue heron. He was shaking off all of the rain. I was trying to protect my scooter and my camera from the rain while taking his photo. It was a challenge but so rewarding!

A good day

Wild horses on the prairie, purple gallinule eating flowers, anhingas, whistling ducks, and owls in my backyard.

I did not allow any negative thought into my mind. It was filled with photography, focusing 100percent on what I was photographing, and filling myself with the colors and the light around me.

It was a good day. I savor those!