Wild horses

I did not know they would be out there. I decided to go on a little adventure and trek out way past where I normally go in my wheelchair. It was a gravel path that was incredibly painful to go on and I kept hoping that the pain that it would cause my body would somehow be rewarded once I got around the corner, and there they were. Not only were they in the perfect lighting but also in the yellow wildflowers. No one was out there but me. 3 people passed by at one point but for 45 minutes I was there alone with them. The wandered closer than I’d ever seen them, so close, I kept backing up. I took over 300 photos and then I stopped and just watched them. I love to watch this family of wild horses. They wander over thousand of acres at Payne’s prairie and it is a gift and a blessing to be able to see them out and about near humans. Usually they can be seen at the observation stairs that are 6 flights high that allow you to look out over the thousands of acres. I’ve only done that once and my husband had to carry me up and the horses were way out there with bison which was breathtaking but not was close and personal as being eye to eye with them like I was here. They were eating the yellow flowers and grazing and nuzzling with each other. Two of the mares are pregnant. Normally most of my photographs are grainy or dull or not enough lighting and I have no idea how to fix that and don’t want to use filters which to me, alter the realness. So I was thrilled they were in THIS lighting because it makes it look like I’m just a great photographer but really it’s all in the sun and the subject!

It was a beautiful day and I was able to stay mindful and present and joy every minute of it.

Female endangered snail kite

My husband pulled off on the side of the road for me to take these photos only to find an endangered female snail kite. I was so excited. I’ve never seen one so close, so he was my tripod as I rested my camera on my his shoulder. My fractured hip was displeased with my choice but come on!!!! Life’s beautiful moments are worth it these days let me tell you!

Bethanykaysphotography on instagram

Thought I would share my instagram so that anyone having a bad day could go and find something positive. I started it about a year ago when I wanted to have something to positive to do every evening. I download all of my photos and I post them there. You will have thousand of photos to look at that are uplifting. It is how I end my day every day.

I was out in the rain last night with this fella. Little blue heron. He was shaking off all of the rain. I was trying to protect my scooter and my camera from the rain while taking his photo. It was a challenge but so rewarding!

Slow and steady change

This bird, Little Blue Heron, starts out white and ends up slowly and steadily turning completely blue. I have enjoyed watching the slow and steady process of his change. I do well with slow and steady change. Isn’t he beautiful in all of his stages of change!

He had a few bad hair days but hey don’t we all!!

Birds “get” me

My husband took this first photo of me in my electric scooter with all of my loot in it! I have to carry ice packs because with my muscle disease if I get overheated it can be life threatening. Then I have an SPF shirt, which got wet in the rain so I had to shed that. Then my camera bag and my purse and a towel! I’m ready for it all!

Anyway this limpkin I just loved. I was going past him on the boardwalk and stopped and we just looked into each other’s eyes and I thought. ” He totally gets me.” So I took a few photos of him before we got caught in the rain again. In the last photo feeding baby a snail. I took the last two photos. Limpkins were on a steep decline but have made a comeback which I love…on the decline? Don’t count anyone out because we will rise up!!!