Tonight’s sunset

I went to the University of Florida field to mill about and take some photos while my husband ran there. We pulled in and an owl flew into our back yard. He was not coming out of hiding so I went to watch the sunset over the corn field. Well worth the trip out.

In my yard

In my yard I discovered that in the dip in the land at the back of the property is this perfect arch of trees. I can’t normally walk down there and have not in years. I had no idea such beauty was there.

As I turned around I saw on the opposite side were trees that had reached almost completely sideways to reach the sun. Out past them, where the foxes live was an overnight field of yellow wildflowers.

I sat back on the deck and took pictures of the large live oak outside my bedroom, the beautiful bright soft green leaves on the tiny maple and the hole the woodpeckers have been working on in another tree. He was pretty night up and busy pecking so his head is a little blurry. The rope swing is also still there after 14 years

Then this bug caught my attention for awhile. I wonder how many people can watch a bug for an hour. I can!

I looked out and saw for only 3 seconds this tiny yellow bird. I cannot believe that I got a photo of him. I was super excited! Then the sun set and from my deck I took a picture of the clouds. For a few hours I had not a care in the world. Even my sweet owl came for a visit but I didn’t get a picture.

Today’s photos: the wren and me, the tree and me, the frog and me

I was not going to go out today at all since I am trying to overcome this darn cold. BUT… I had my kitchen door open to the deck and a little wren came. She comes every afternoon and I never get her picture. I’ve wanted her picture for years. She has her babies under the deck and teaches them to fly next to my window. I have her mate’s picture but not hers until today. That then inspired me to venture out to see the sunset, take some pictures of the sunflowers my husband bought me, and look at the photos he sent me of the massive tree frog that decided to go to dinner with us last night. We had to pull the car over to get him off the windshield. Then ofcourse he had to take my photo because I it was the largest tree frog ever with yellow spots.

I hope you enjoy the photos!!

I know the correct grammar is the tree and I YET it felt like it was the tree and me because it just did. I could feel at one with that tree out there in the field all by itself behind the fence with the light shining through it yet all alone.

The wren and me. It was just us. She was singing, I was listening. I was overjoyed that it was just the wren and me.

The frog and me. Well it was really the frog, my husband and me but at the moment it was just the frog and me. I love when he got on my hand and didn’t want to leave. He just got all comfy and curled up. Being outside makes me feel alive even on the days when I feel like I am sometimes halfway…not.

Yesterday I made it out of bed for 5 minutes and took a picture of the squirrel twins. I just didn’t want to leave them out.

Hopefully tomorrow will be an adventurous day even if just around the neighborhood to find some joy and light and happiness! All it took was one singing wren to get me out of bed today!!!!!

And on this episode of adventures with the husband.

There is an observation deck over this vast expanse on Paynes Prairie. But I cannot climb those steps. So my husband carries me up two flights. Going up I hold my breath. Coming down I scream in my head the entire time!!!!! He changed up his walking down method and was going two by two. I kept thinking he was tripping and was certain death would befall me. Really it is some serious trust to have someone carry you down these steep stairs!!!!!

So worth bring up there though. There was a deer way out in the prairie. She looked up at me and she was so beautiful. Apparently we missed the bison by two hours. After he carried me down we went to the lake location and saw a beautiful sunset. Here are some pictures from our evening last night.

I’ve tried to post this 5 times. Here is hoping 6 is a charm

ok it wasn’t but at least it saved in my draft folder. Persistence!!!!!!!

Today’s mindful wheelchair walk

Today I woke up with still the after affects of the chemicals I was exposed to. My heart rate was in the 150’s

BUT I was determined to get up and go out and go for a mindful wheelchair walk and let me show you what I found. First there was a rock fence that had fern growing out of the top of it and I found it beautiful .

Then I made it to the prairie and the grasses were all this dull color EXCEPT this one clump that had an orange/red hue

Then I looked up and right above me were a few squirrels eating the buds off of this tree with no leaves. They were so adorable. I made a full conversation for them: 1. Susan! I did 10 pull ups did you watch me? 2. No Thomas I was busy storing food for the babies . 1. Well I am OBVIOUSLY nursing the babies and I am storing up food too but also doing some pull ups. Gotta keep strong to keep up with those 10!

Yeah. I stopped there. But it was entertaining thinking about them and watching them.

There is a tiny dirt road that I SO should not go down in a wheelchair with the potholes but as I was leaving I noticed the sky was turning purple. The birds were flying over.

One side of the prairie is ALWAYS pink and purple and the other always yellows and oranges

I turned down the little dirt road to see the purples that were forming. I immediately saw a tree that I wanted to get the sky behind and I was SOOO mindful. I was so focused on that sky and that tree that I did not know a donkey had wandered up until he put his mouth on my arm. This was one of THOSE donkey’s I was warned about was a biter. I asked him if he was going to bite me. He did the funniest things with his lips. He showed me his teeth. He puckered up, he did the fish face. I mean this guy was a character. I had one carrot left from feeding Arnold the pig and I put it on the fence post. He tried sooo hard to get it and couldn’t so I finally handed it to him and he slurped it up with his lips teeth nowhere near me. I was still adequately reprimanded by my husband and daughter for knowingly getting near a “biter” but I was careful, except when I wasn’t and was mindful. Oops. So here he is. Now he is blurry as all get out because i had my zoom lens and he was literally right there in my face! But I will post them anyway so you can see how cute he was.

And last but not least was that tree and the purple sky. All worth it.

It took away my anxiety for a short period of time. Any amount of time not having anxiety is a blessing.