Squirrel love

I have watched a mother squirrel all day long from my bedroom window. She has taken one break in 8 hours to eat a mushroom. It has been amazing to watch her. It has distracted me from the pain in my legs. Love can be a great distraction. She has been making a nest. I have watched her break off branches with her teeth, collect moss, carry sticks. She has not stopped all day. Her nest is huge. It is in a perfect spot in the oak tree with some covering. It is amazing to me how one tiny squirrel can make such a big nest. I don’t believe it is just instinct. I believe she is hand picking those pieces for that nest. I believe she is doing it out of love for her babies that will be coming. I once watched a mother squirrel see her babies which had fallen out of a nest, run to them, and gently carry them back up the tree. I saw her face. She loved those babies. It is a choice to love. I wish I could see this kind of love in all mothers of humanity as much as I have seen it in the wild life around my house.