I have watched your path. 

I see it is wide. 

I see the darkness that befalls you.

You hide behind the screen

This man of cloth who has given absolution. 

He is

But a man.

The rules of him do not apply to me.

In him, this man, nor you, do I believe. 

As you go forth and commit your sin


And again.

He who knows NOT what you do

And forgives you


Plead as you might.

The truth watches from above.

From a greater height.

The narrow path is mine.

You made your choice,

And will be eaten 

By the night. 


I’m crazy

I’m delusional

I’m a liar.

I’m a fraud

I’m malicious

I’m callous.

I’ve malice

In every thought.

The truth,

I just forgot.

I’m angry

I’m rageful

I’m intentional in my hurt

I’m hateful

I’m vengeful

In my every word.

That is what you’ve heard.


If I claim my words true

Could you finally sleep tonight?

Do you find comfort in these lies?


False followers of Christ.

You follow one another

Not the divine.

And I will not claim those words to be mine.

I walk in the light.

I walk with the Lord.

Ever dodging the Devil’s sword.

The words that emerge from my lips

Do come with consequence.

I know this.

I watch my fingertips

Type this very verse

I’ve voiced my deepest hurt

In so many of my words.

They will call you crazy

They will call you names

They will gossip about you

All in vain

They will make outrageous


I know

Because I’ve been attacked by

All of the


The theys  will all think

I’ve written this about them.

It’s the sign of such guilt in men

And women.

Wracked with their own set of sin.

So enough of them.

This I know is true,

I am imperfect.

I am flawed,

And I am honest through it all.

I am emotional

I am panicked

With anxiety and fear.

I am loving

I am empathetic

I am authentic and sincere.

I am loyal

I am protective

I am torn.

I am prayerful

I am broken

I am truthful to the core.

I am powerful

I am courageous

I am a child of God.

I am faithful

I am giving of unconditional love.

I am able to fight against the Devil’s tongue.

I will not submit even if they think they’ve won.

They will come for you

Their darkness

Their lies

The people who perpetually deny.

But I say in confidence

You will be okay.

I’ll stand beside you,

Together we will slay.

We will stand in strength

In the light of almighty God.

We will rise

Above them all.

You and I