Behind bars

So many of us feel trapped in a cage. We feel we are behind the bars of stigmas, society, traumas, limitations, disabilities, invisible illnesses. We live in these prisons unable to speak our truths and be who we are meant to be, unashamed and free. The scars and the pain seem too hard to share and even in our joy we cannot express ourselves in fear of judgment.

So I went out today to the park

with prison bars on my face. I thought if I could face the world with courage to just be me, scars, wheelchair, pain, suffering, AND excitement to be out taking photographs, covered in a cage, then perhaps others can too, minus the cage make up or hey wear it if you want! I didn’t hide that cage that I felt. I accepted it but I also pushed through it in front of everyone to see.
Do you know that not one person, and I passed about 10 people or more, said one thing except hello.
So here I am, out at the park, unafraid of what others will think, and just being me.
*a special thank you to Angelica the anghinga who posed in a selfie with me