Something to dream about…

This tiny tree frog was waiting on my wheelchair ramp to the front door giving me a nice grin as I set out on my walk. He jumped right up on me ofcourse but thankfully not in the house so I didn’t have to spend an hour chasing him.

Then this gorgeous butterfly landed on the flowers my husband planted, lantana, the love them. I loved how I thought she was the blue butterfly and then closed her wings and the outside completely different from the inside.

Beautiful images I hope to keep on my mind as I go to sleep tonight

The butterflies found me

I took my scooter to the buttery rainforest and was in search of the blue butterfly when…the blue butterfly found me. She landed on my face and crawled all over it. She was in my eye, mouth, nose and I finally closed my eyes and just felt her presence and it brought me to tears. Then she came back and rode on my scooter and my camera bag while some others rode on my head. It was an extraordinary experience.

*photo credit to my husband on these !