Wheelchair stroll today

After a night of nightmares and waking up on pain…so much…physical illness and PTSD together…just so wrong…SO I did what I do and I got up and got in my wheelchair and went out to take photos around the neighborhood. I hope you enjoy them! It will never get old that I go around the same block and see new discoveries every time. The distraction to something good for my mind is really really good for me. The hawk was so patient. I asked him if he could hang out a LITTLE longer so I could try and find good lighting while sitting in my wheelchair and try and balance my camera. And he did. I moved all around him and then he would adjust himself in a different position. The blue jay was just above him not happy he was there. It was odd lighting because the sun was behind me but it was about to rain so overcast. I’m always thrilled when at least some of my photos come out! I never look until I get home and download them.

Their was so much orange and red today, everywhere!