Wheelchair walks

My hawk Justice has grown into the most phenomenal bird! Watching him grow up has been such an honor. To be in his presence is to leave you in awe!

Him and the sun rays and the corn field and the little dove were all beautiful sights. I continue to go out in search of something beautiful.

I have been searching every day for weeks for this kite. His call is unmistakable. I was very thrilled to see him in a pine tree. He was so high up I didn’t know exactly what I was photographing and was so excited to come home and be able to see the tail of another kite right next to him. I even did a short, although very shaky, video so you could all hear his very distinctive call.

To brighten your day

This little wren is about the size of a 2 year old’s little fist. She comes to my deck every day. She sings right on the corner. The she goes to the water spigot that is next to the deck and sings on top of that. She then goes to the flower pot that I will never move because of her, that fell off the deck and is laying on it’s side. She loves to sing on the tipped over flower pot. Today I opened my window, got my camera and hoped she would pop out from under the deck (where she often goes in the heat of the day). And out she popped! She made little chittering chattering noises and sang a beautiful song. Here are some photos I took of her. I also wanted to share last night’s sky with you. It was magical with SO many colors of purple and blue and orange.

Finally, my daughter asked me to stand in the road so she could take my picture. I wanted to share that too because she said she thought it was like I had been resurrected under the sky. At that moment it felt that way.

*photos above taken by me

*photo below taken by my daughter

No filters or editing done on these. Pretty awesome right! Can’t help but brighten a day

In my yard

In my yard I discovered that in the dip in the land at the back of the property is this perfect arch of trees. I can’t normally walk down there and have not in years. I had no idea such beauty was there.

As I turned around I saw on the opposite side were trees that had reached almost completely sideways to reach the sun. Out past them, where the foxes live was an overnight field of yellow wildflowers.

I sat back on the deck and took pictures of the large live oak outside my bedroom, the beautiful bright soft green leaves on the tiny maple and the hole the woodpeckers have been working on in another tree. He was pretty night up and busy pecking so his head is a little blurry. The rope swing is also still there after 14 years

Then this bug caught my attention for awhile. I wonder how many people can watch a bug for an hour. I can!

I looked out and saw for only 3 seconds this tiny yellow bird. I cannot believe that I got a photo of him. I was super excited! Then the sun set and from my deck I took a picture of the clouds. For a few hours I had not a care in the world. Even my sweet owl came for a visit but I didn’t get a picture.