Calming photos hoping everyone has a lovely weekend

My husband took this first photo of me and then I will post right after the photo I took with my camera….

That’s the only way I can stand with out falling!

We went out in search of deer and found the sunset over the water. I love watching the sunset with my husband arms around me. Not much is better than that.

I used his shoulder for the next photos…I did not filter them…

If you wait long enough the sky will change colors a hundred times in a ten minute time.

I had to get my zoom lens to see what was out in the water….

A baby alligator!

Then I took these with the water and the ripples and bubbles the bugs were making. I filtered them

I liked the way the bugs and their little circles in the water made me feel.

As we were leaving we saw the moon. And WOW what a moon it was. Special thanks to my husband’s shoulder again for being a nice tripod for my camera to rest on as I took these of the orange moon…

We never saw any deer!

Drove home and as we were pulling into our driveway THREE DEER!!!! Hopped across the road and stood in the neighbor’s yard. Quite the lesson, don’t go looking for something when you may already have it right where you are BUT hey while you’re out looking appreciate all of the other beautiful things out there in the big wide world.

An evening with the wild horses

Tonight I realized it is not as easy to be mindful without my husband present. I wanted to have some alone time at the park and so I had my husband drop me off. I forgot, or was never really aware, that HE is being vigilant while I’m nonchalantly taking photographs. So when he wasn’t there I was so aware of everything around me. Tiny snake in front of me, alligator to the left. Horses up ahead. So I stopped my scooter in a spot in the path that was away from everything and then the horses decided to walk past me which was awesome but then the stallion stayed back. So if they are not together they are very vigilant. And enter stupid humans. Some want to sit in the grass with them while they graze. Some want to run up and take selfies with them. So then you have me in a scooter and the horses spooked and the stallion kicked up his back legs. It scared me a little and I ended up yelling at some people that we were not at a FUCKING zoo!!!! These are wild animals!!!! Two of the mares ran up ahead and stopped right next to me on the path. I video taped them. I will put that on here with the photos. So the zoom lens is used but not on the video. The two mares were just right next to me. I don’t know if they felt after there or if they knew I wasn’t a threat. I have no idea. But my outing while exciting was just a little different with out my husband. Plus I had to steer myself on the packed gravel and that was a bit hard on my arms. Plus after my sleep walking escapades last night the rest of my body has substantial pain. But I’m very excited I got an ALMOST clear shot of a flying bird, an osprey, the baby colt had a stick in his mane which I felt awful for him because it was rubbing his face but he was still adorable, and I took a few other fun photos. It was really good to get out. I had a bad day yesterday and an even worse night (hence the poetry I posted) so hopefully you will all enjoy my exciting adventures photos

A tiny probably harmless snake but the popping up of the head did not make me happy. I yanked my legs up so fast and could not decide whether to inch past, speed past, couldn’t go in the grass near water/alligator. Ugh the dilemma!

I also found this new “art” setting on my camera and took a few photos in my yard with it that I thought were really neat.

Photos: birds and ducks and alligators oh my

This first bird I loved. He was holding onto that rock as the water was flowing. We have had so much rain that it’s as if he were in a flowing stream! I love his red eyes and that one piece of white hair in the back.

Raindrops were on every flower and lily pad. And as it is still raining outside I’m guessing more raindrop photos will continue.

The alligators, unlike during the winter, are more active now, swimming under the boardwalk. I’m not so thrilled about them but still cannot pass up taking their photograph.

I got a photo of an endangered kite which was very exciting and the last to be seen this day was a tiny bunny.

The next day, yesterday, it was so rainy that I rode in the passenger seat as my husband drove me around and I used my zoom lens to take photos of flowers and ducks (aren’t those markings on the ducks awesome!).

Now everyone is officially caught up on the last few weeks of rainy photography! I’m so thrilled to post my photos because each one stands for a moment I was able to capture something that gave my mind a moment away from PTSD and gave my heart a little peace (other than the alligators that really I just photograph for those who like them).