Finding something beautiful each day

Adult spoonbill with two juveniles
Black crowned night heron, great egrets, ibis, roseate spoonbills
Killdeer sitting on her egg
Red Velvet, male cardinal, and Ginger, female cardinal lovingly feeding each other. Ginger was rehabbed after being hit by a car and released in my yard. She has made a full recovery and found love.
Great horned owlet
Petunia our resident squirrel who likes to stop and smell the roses
Juvenile bald eagle. This was incredibly hard for me to get in my wheelchair so I ended up lying flat on my back resting my camera on my knees
Mama and baby owlets napping in the afternoon
Sharp-shinned hawk lives behind my house with his mate
Northern Parula. A bird i have searched for for years and she ends up coming right outside my window!
Papa great horned owl trying to stay awake and watch over the nest while mama is hunting
I look forward to the goldfinches every year. They are only here a short time
Beautiful white winged dove stopped by my yard
This yellow throated warbler posed nicely with the flowers I put up
Petunia loves her flowers
Flying back to the nest over the prairie
Pine warbler landed just where I had hoped
Red tailed hawk very magestic
We have named him Denzel as he lives under the deck with his wife Marguerite and he often lands in front of flowers.
This mottled duck’s wings looked angelic to me
This least bittern is very elusive and I was thrilled to get this shot
After I thought the goldfinches had left, I discovered them on the thistle on the prairie
Flowers in gardens near our house
A flower in my neighbor’s yard

Two years ago I decided to start living each day to the fullest! I wanted to find something beautiful each day. That turned into over 1000 photos each day. I spend 4 hours or so a day taking photos and then another 3 hours looking through them and picking my favorites.

These are a few of my favorites for the last month. I hope they bring you as much joy as they have brought to me.

6 thoughts on “Finding something beautiful each day

    1. I wish I could share all of my favorites each day on here. I just don’t have the space because it charges money. So I thought I’d share my latest favorites.
      I truly love having a mission each day. I get to go to sleep and wake up knowing I get to find something new. Some days it is not leaving the house and just photographing the birdfeeder but somehow something new always presents itself whether it is the way the light shines or a raindrop.
      Thank you!

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