Petunia often at my window!

Petunia wanting to hang out with me instead of being in the photoshoot! See her little head on the side of the open window!
Petunia wanting me to open the window back

14 thoughts on “Petunia often at my window!

      1. Thank you so much. I embrace it every single day! I always put my daily photos on my instagram if you’d like happy every day!!! Bethanykaysphotography . Some of it I take out the back window but most is from my wheelchair out and about on little adventures my husband and I take around town. The joy and love fills allll of the voids

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      2. Wonderful, that you share the joy you see Bethany, I am not on Instagram or FB… Too many Irons in the fire as it is… lol… But thank you for the invite… I hope to capture your photo’s from your blog every now and again…
        Take care πŸ™‚ and thank you for your lovely reply..

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      1. I understand completely. For several years we had a male that was much like your Petunia. I named him Henry. He would come on the porch and visit with me. They know who they are safe with.

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      2. Oh how precious! We have a male we named Timone and Petunia is female. She is VERY friendly. He will sit and watch me and is not afraid but will not come up next to me like she will.
        I agree. They know who they are safe with. I think it is why I can get the photos that I do even with deer because they know I mean them no harm

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