I need advice on this photo for a survivors exhibit

I am submitting this photo to be displayed at a museum that has a survivors of abuse exhibit every year. I have two photos I am going to put up for display.

This one though I took today and it really embodies what I want to express in a way that words can’t about the importance of always being able to speak out truth.

My question for you all is….should I write ON the photo that will be printed on the left side? Something like speak your truth or anything like that? Or should I let the photo speak for itself? I can’t decide. I’d love opinions! Thank you!

8 thoughts on “I need advice on this photo for a survivors exhibit

  1. “To thine own self be true”
    Shakespeare – Google it!

    Where do you want to put it??

    PS Laptop and I are now friends – I’ll get back to you this week! TS


    1. Thank you! The minute I saw it I thought oh this has to be about scream that truth from the treetops if you have to!!! That bird is a snailkite. They are endangered here. They have a call that sounds like a scream. I wish you could hear it. Wait do you follow me on instagram? I put her call on there.
      What do you think I should write? I think I should write on the picture too. I’m having it printed on canvas like I did for the exhibit last year

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      1. I don’t get on Instagram much, so I missed the snailkite scream. I will check it out tomorrow when I’m not about to fall asleep.

        I’ll have to give it some thought, when I’m not so sleepy. What words to put on the picture, I mean. My sweet little poodle was sick, throwing up all last night, so I got very little sleep. He’s doing good now, but I am still too wound up with worry to sleep, and yet my brain is too tired to think.


      2. Oh no your poor poodle. It’s so upsetting when they are so sick. You must be exhausted. It’s hard to be exhausted with your brain awake.
        Hoping you get sleep soon and your baby is alright

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      3. Thank you! I got about 5 1/2 hours of sleep, before Scrappy, our poodle, woke me again. At least this time, all he needed was to go potty. We have an appointment to see his vet on Friday. I wish we could take him in today, but with medical bills, etc, we can’t afford to do it until then. The joys of getting older and living on a fixed income.


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