20 thoughts on “So much fun taking these squirrel photos today!

  1. Great shots and squirrels are so entertaining to watch! I’ve gotten to know many of these little animals around my property over the years and feed them along with the birds every day. I even had to help a few that got injured, saving their lives with intervention. I like you have taken loads of photos and video of them in all kinds of situations, and just up to their usual antics. I love seeing the juveniles rolling around on the ground with a tiny branch or stick full of so much exuberance and joy for life! Lately one particularly territorial one grunts and chases others away when I’m tossing a few peanuts out to them, that one I’m trying to get to calm down and not be so mean. Over the years the ones that got to know me well over time would trust me enough to come right up and take a peanut from my hand very daintily, and I could even rub my fingers over the head of certain ones as he or she took the peanut from my hand. Keep up the fun and adventures!

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    1. That’s precious. I haven’t tried to touch one but they will come on my windowsill and sit with me while the window is open and watch what I’m doing. I have a few now that are here for the long haul. The bird ginger the cardinal was released after rehab. We had an owl overcome an injury that lasted 3 months. I did wildlife rehab for 8 years so honestly I just love them all! I actually stopped giving them peanuts because the red-bellied woodpecker bullies everyone when I do. But giving them by hand to the squirrels is a good idea. Some of the squirrels are territorial and will wrestle with the others and chase them off. They do play like babies though, we had a raccoon that would come and play with a ball and roll around with it.


      1. So awesome that you have all that background and experience helping our little animal friends too! I’ve taken the National and Local state initial rehab certification courses and for many years have rescued injured wildlife and some farm ducks once too setting by an interstate ready to march across which wouldn’t have worked out, even a state trooper that happened along kind of blew it off saying “oh well that’s nature if they get killed” and left as I said I would wait a bit more for a call back from DEM or a Rehab center I had called to see if they can intervene. But, I ended up with the aide of another passing motorist, who saw me corralling them to the side of the road off into the grass, decided to grab them all one by one and put them in the trunk of my rather large size car and get them home where I got them safe and in my garage with a kids pool of water and food until I got in touch with a couple that own a farm with a menagerie of animals which they gladly added the ducks to! But back to the squirrels they do say peanuts being a legume and not a real nut like an acorn aren’t best to feed them and could cause bone density issues; but I know from experience if not over done it won’t harm them and they love them and me for offering them such an unusual treat which they won’t find in this natural environment here, especially in winter when things are so sparse to eat out there. Yes some birds and other small animals do bully but they do learn from us if we give them some cues over time. Rescued a number of orphaned babies like raccoons or rabbits and with the raccoons or skunks having a suitable box or plastic container with a good size towel handy in the trunk to toss over them is the proper way to handle any potential rabies vector species or law requires if touched by any person out in the public domain that the animal be destroyed and its brain tissue examined as I’m sure you’re aware! Just saying to folks out there make sure you are safe and know a bit about getting up close and personal with even baby animals! Keep enjoying our “Wild America” as Marty Stouffer always said! I know life on earth would really suck if there were just people and lots of rocks; and in some cases I would choose the rocks over the people, who seem to have them in their heads!

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      2. Wonderful that you have helped so many and saved so many.
        Since my muscle disease I am not in the rehab circle as much but I always help who I can when I can. Otherwise I am taking photographs of wildlife anywhere and everywhere.
        Agreed with the raccoons, we have to call for them as I don’t work for an organization anymore and even foxes you have to be very careful.
        I would always say know what you are doing before you try to help wildlife. I’ve known many to take in a rabbit only for it to no make it because the person fed it cows milk every eight hours.
        Kitten formula is easy to get at pet smart and these small babies need food every 2 hours just like humans!
        Glad to know someone else is out there helping the animals


    1. The barbie pool was just too fun. I put it under the bird feeder so anything that spills catches it and the squirrels are even happier now! I’m still hopeful a bird will eventually land on the side!


    1. They’ve put their feet up on one but no one got on the top. I’m still waiting for a bird to land on the top of the slide.
      They actually fought over it yesterday, the squirrels and the pool fell off the deck but that made them happy because all the birdseed spread out and everyone got to enjoy

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