The endangered snail kite

I was deeply blessed to be able to have this many close encounters with snail kites that are endangered. I went to Payne’s Prairie where they have come to eat the invasive apple snails. Invasive to one, saving a species to another! I thought in my wheelchair it would be impossible. Infact I was at first disappointed when I saw all of the men with their huge cameras holding them up knowing I had no strength in my arms for anything but resting my camera on the monopod on the seat of my wheelchair. Then the snail kites just started landing near me and I had the perfect shots and not only that I got to look them in the eyes. It was breathtaking, awe inspiring, I had no words. My husband and I just sat there listening to their screeches and watching them dive for the snails floating on the water. I’m thrilled I was able to get these photographs to share.

7 thoughts on “The endangered snail kite

      1. They are only located in south and central Florida and there are only 900 of them left. Hoping so much that they increase with the abundance of the apple snail for them to eat. I wish I could post a video of them screeching but I don’t have space. You can look at it on my instagram if you want bethanykaysphotography if you happen to have it, i don’t think you need to sign in to look me up. The screech is sooo neat

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