15 thoughts on “The things that bring me joy…

  1. The horses of course are so gorgeous. And their trusty hitch hiking pals are so funny.
    I got to the horse lying down and thought, “Now there’s something you don’t see often.”
    Is that one horse in the pic before the flower, pregnant?

    The flower pics with the raindrops…so cool. So you’ve had some rain too?

    I always love your sky pics. So vast and heaven-like. No buildings or wires or anything to obstruct…it’s just sky…and maybe some trees. 🙂

    I forget the kind of bird that is. But it looks so cool on that steel blue background of the sky.
    What’s going on with its wing on our right (would be its left side.)

    Love the turtle head…coming up for air or to maybe catch some rain drops. Looks like a ripple from a rain drop there on the right side of the pic.

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    1. They are ALL Pregnant! And they were all lying down and the park ranger said she had no idea if they were in labor or not so we stayed for an hour waiting and watching and they finally all got up and yawned and walked off. I was so hoping for a baby horse! The birds were like midwifes called in all concerned. They were so funny.
      We have had a ton of rain and now there are mushrooms all over the back yard that the squirrels love.
      That one flower is the coolest flower ever. Starts white. Then turns pink. Then half pink half white and then dark pink. It’s a confederate rose and B takes a photo of it in the AM when I am asleep and it is all white and by the time I wake up it’s pink. It’s so neat. I liked that one ripple with the turtle’s head too ! He was doing something with his wing and fluttering it

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      1. Now that would be so awesome to get that on video, a horse giving birth. Would love to see that. I mean I’ve seen it before, but to know someone who caught it on video would be so cool.

        Yeah, that flower is really neat. I saw it in another post. It is really cool how it changes color so fast.

        At 11:30 B got a tornado warning message on his cell. Were getting gusts up to 60mph atm, according to the link I found online. It’s raining diagonally, not as bad as sideways. Lol. It’s pretty crazy out there.

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      2. Yes, we’re all right. Thank you. We made it through last night and even kept our electricity. But the winds really kicked up. It was still windy today but not like last night. We are finally getting some sun again.

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      3. 70s is so nice. I went out today knowing it was 50 degrees. Had a long sleeve shirt on but wasn’t warm enough. I had to come back up to get a sweat shirt. We are headed for cooler temps now, 50s and 60s during the day at least. It’s about 40 out there right now. Brr.


      4. It got hot again here. It has been the hottest summer in 20 years and last year we didn’t have a winter at all. November and we are having a few days in the 70s but today it is supposed to be 90 again!

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      5. The summer was awful here too, but I know it had to have been way worse there. I would love to not have a winter here. Lol, and have it stay between 50 and 60 the whole season. But I know we’re gonna get snow…we always do, well almost always. But I kinda like snow, as long as I don’t have to drive in it.


      6. I would love to see a horse give birth. I think. Maybe. Or maybe like 2 minutes after! I’d love to see the baby stand up and the mom lick the baby. There will be babies out there soon for sure and I’m excited to get baby pictures.

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