Meet Rose and Mr Red

When I first saw Rose my heart broke. I thought she was recently injured, would not be able to eat, and would suffer. The idea of any creature or human suffering affects me profoundly. I contacted the wildlife rehab and asked them what to do and they suggested certain food for her that would be easier for her to eat. I decided I would be dedicated and devoted to feeding Rose indefinitely. I bought her bags of small seed and worms and every day went out to feed her. She recognized my patterns and would come to the feeder while I was still putting food in it. I absolutely adored her. I photographed her and videotaped her for almost 4 months. Then came Mr. Red! He was just taken by her. He adored her. He soon was always by her side. They ate together, drank water together, flew together. I’ve seen them out and about now no longer eating at the feeders but just eating bugs in the yard.

I don’t know what originally happened to Rose’s beak but she adapted somehow and overcame! I find great beauty and strength in her. I find inspiration in her and Mr. Red who, unlike humans, did not seem to even notice what was different about her but just fell in love with her because she was…Rose!

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