I just need the world to see this bird!

Let this bird just fill you with peace and comfort like she did me. She was the highlight and sunshine of my day and I am staying focused on her!

*juvenile purple gallinule

17 thoughts on “I just need the world to see this bird!

      1. I know you would love this but I just got back from a walk by the lake and a little bird flew all round in the trees close to Jasper and I for about 5 minutes. The swans always make be cry. I thought of you so much when I saw this bird. Much love Bethany ❀


      2. That is SOO wonderful!!!! I love that!!! Experiences like that lift me up!
        The owls always make me cry. They way we can look at each other just touches my heart. Thank you for thinking of me!!! Much love back to you.

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      3. Absolutely! I have thought many a day that these owls have grown to know me more in the last month that they have lived in my yard and my mannerisms and my emotions more than any human has noticed in some time.

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    1. Me either! I was frozen in awe of her beauty and then was like what am I doing just staring!!!! It was actually one of the most difficult shots to get because of the purple flowers that my camera kept focusing on. I look at her now to refocus on good. I’m going to print an image and hang it to look at.
      I currently have a cardinal, 3 wildhorses, a hawk, a deer, an eastern phoebe, and some flowers printed. Thought bringing nature inside would make me happy and it DOES

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      1. That’s so true for me too! That is a great one to print! I think I’m going to print the coyote pup photo I took this morning also! So fun finding wildlife and beautiful nature photos…


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