23 thoughts on “Bird videos from our Saturday outing

    1. Whistling ducks. It took awhile to figure it out I was searching for the sound and knew when I finally saw them. It was almos tdark and I don’tknow how to lighten the video but they were ducks in a tree.

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      1. I really loved them too. It was barely sprinkling then so you could hear them more clearly. While I was videotaping the horses my husband had an umbrella over my head so you can hear the raindrops. I could hear the birds then but all my video picked up for sound was the rain, and my husband

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  1. I had more hawk encounters this morning. Saw one swoop down out of nowhere for some breakfast. Flew back up on a limb and looked around. Couldn’t tell if it caught anything. I waved at him/her and it just stared at me. A little later a lonesome dove was singing a lowly song on a power line. I make a decent dove call, so I responded, he/she made a different kind of response it was making and flew away.. guess I said something wrong…


    1. Oh that is super awesome you can make a dove call!!! I should work on that. I can make a decent chicken noise which my family finds humorous which has absolutely no purpose!!
      Love the hawk. I often see them swoop down and not get anything. A for effort I think. I saw one yesterday fly down twice but nothing. There were all these tiny birds in our tree. Teeny tiny. Couldnt get photos because it was directly looking into the sun. Love animal encounters

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      1. Since I’ve been following your blog, I’ve noticed I tend to look for more animals. Well, more than usual!


      2. What a compliment. My husband says that he now sees sunsets differently. Knowing that I can bring something positive to others makes me really happy.
        I notice everything differently now. Even the raindrops on the leaves and grass. It feels better than the alternative of what goes rumbling through my mind that is for sure. Thanks for sharing that with me

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      1. They really were so I just had to stop and take a video. My husband had been holding an umbrella over me for a long time at that point but I had to make a quick video of their sweet little noises

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  2. I have never seen ducks in a tree before. 😀 It’s hard to find birds in a tree with a camera isn’t it? I remember trying to get a shot of a hawk once with my camera and I could not for the life of me find it with the lens. I’d lower the camera and see the hawk and then try to get another shot and couldn’t find it…so frustrating. He was up high too.

    The waterfalls with the two herons watching it was awesome. Waiting for some fish to jump maybe?


    1. I have never seen ducks in a tree! Although it was one of those weird months where I saw a duck on the roof of carabas, do you have that restaurant where you are? And a duck on a fence. Now ducks in trees. What on earth is going on around here!
      I kept having to zoom out then zoom in because I couldn’t find them in the tree either they were so high up.
      I liked the sound of the water under that bridge. It was calming. That with the rain and watching them

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      1. I forgot to mention the sound they make too. Which is pretty cool. Whistling ducks. Who knew? I would freak out if I saw a duck on anything higher than a bank of a lake, creek or pond. Lol. But here in the ‘burbs in good ol’ Delco It’s pretty sheltered from a lot of the world, including nature.

        We do have Carraba’s. I have not eaten at one though. I looked to see where the closest one is because I’ve only ever seen them driving on major highways. But there is one in a mall across from the health food store I shop at. I had no idea. I haven’t gone into a mall further than the Target on the end in years.


      2. I used to eat their fish because it was so good so we would go on occasion but it’s pretty expensive there so it’s like throwing money away but when we last went i saw a duck fly up. I took a photo with my very very very old cell phone and it didnt come out.

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