Spur of the moment adventures with the husband

My husband got off work early and we totally spur of the moment drove to Cedar Key, Florida. There is no sea salt breeze or the sound of waves like when we go to St. Augustine Beach but that trip is 2 hours and this one was only an hour. The birds were magnificent. I was very excited to see the spoonbill. I love looking out over the water to see the little islands that are out there that I would LOVE to go to one day. There are places to rent canoes and such to get out there but I don’t think I’d be able to do that. Cedar Key is not the most wheelchair friendly place but it works. The view is worth it! We were there about an hour before a storm came in. I will post the photos of the pelicans, the sea gulls, the spoonbills, and the little islands over the water. I hope you all enjoy them. It was a relaxing trip home of back roads with no traffic and no buildings, just trees, everywhere trees. We pull back into the city but then get to drive the five mile trip down a back road to our own house that is covered by trees and surrounded by nature. We are so fortunate to live where we live.

It’s been a hard few nights of little sleep and painful muscles. I’m thrilled that we decided to just let all that go and have an adventure in the face of it all!

The lighting was not the best but there was something about each photo I liked anyway, like the sparkle in the water, or the veins that showed in the spoonbills face, and the little seagull on the line of posts, and the storm coming over the water.

15 thoughts on “Spur of the moment adventures with the husband

  1. Aaah, Lovely, lovely, Bethany!! Such marvellous birds. I had a new torture flashback today in therapy and have been so discombobulated – Your Spoonbills are exactly the perfect Rx for me. Thank you so much. Heart to heart. TS


    1. Sending hugs and love to you. I’m so sorry you had a flashback. That can be very very hard to bounce back from and become grounded after. I’m glad my birds helped!

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  2. I love that close up of the spoonbill. Looks like he’s right there, like a little kid comes up to its mom wanting something. Lol. Is that the same one that’s also pink in the photos above it. So pretty.


    1. It’s all the same one. I put different filters on him while taking the photos with my camera which I don’t usually do. He was one of the pinkest ones I’ve seen. I wonder if their diet makes them pinker. I’ll have to look that up. I wondered how are they in salt water and then over here in freshwater or are they different. I need to research them

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