5 thoughts on “Video of a bird walking :)

  1. I love this. Thank you!
    My first thought was stalking prey. But then I watched a second time and he could just as easily been tippy toe-ing so as not to disturb the gators. Lol…I’m kidding but anthropomorphizing can be fun. 😀
    I see your comments above too and can see that he was hunting though.


    1. That’s just how they walk though. I love how they stretch out their toes and walk so gently on the water. He picked something up out of the water right after this. The water is so shallow there they all look like they are tip toeing over it. But then when they walk down the fence rail they walk the same way so I guess it’s how they walk. But he definitely had his eye on something. I just liked how he made a big production out of going under a piece of grass that he couldnt just plowed right through but he went under it. He was very young though

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