10 thoughts on “What wild horses do…

  1. It works! It’s so peaceful. Took me a second to realize what that first horse was doing. Lol
    The “stowaway” cracks me up. Little symbiosis going on there, I’m guessing, bird finding some snacks on the horse?


    1. It was so full of stuff! We had the scratcher male. Who looked like he was doing a dance but then realized he was scratching his belly. He did this for a long ass time!!! Then the little horse back riding birds cracked me up. Then the napper that was out cold! That was the baby. Then the grazers. Everyone doing their own thing. I didn’t see the birds eat anything on the horses so I just couldnt figure out what they were doing on their backs. They would eat on the ground next to them but why they kept landing on their backs I just don’tknow but it was funny. And they fought over the spots. One would fly in and knock the other one off!

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      1. That last part about fighting over the spots, that’s what it looked like in some other photos. I saw the cartoon balloon: “Get off, it’s my turn now.” Lol

        The birds on the backs reminds me of a framed needlework thing my mother did for my brother. I had one too, but not the same one. I think mine was a zebra and his was a rhino I think. They were done with colorful yarn. The rhino had a long legged bird on its back. So every time I see that kind of thing in real life I think about that framed needlepoint.


      2. I wanted you to know i read your blog. I’ve been on the phone all evening with a doctor about my medical case but i will reply to your blog posts. I had so much on my mind after reading it i wanted to let you know i read them. I will read them again to night.
        Isn’t that funnny how a photo can remind you of something else.

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      3. Oh you closed comments. Totally understand that. Just so you know I read it. I wish we didn’t have to worry about assholes and close our comments off but I get it. Sometimes we just want to talk and not listen to any back lash bullshit opinions. I wish everyone would just listen and validate.

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      4. Oh thank you so much…for reading and for understanding. I’ve been going through some thoughts on whether to just abandon and go blog about something else. I have so many photos I’d like to share and I can’t decide whether to build onto the one I’m already writing on or start over. I have been wanting to email you about this and also to see how you are doing. I’ve been feeling so horrible though. Today and yesterday too I was finally feeling better though. I’ll email soon. I hope you are feeling a bit better and have processed things a little more.

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