7 thoughts on “Wild horses

  1. I grew up in the country. I was around horses and cattle and goats and other animals. Our neighbor had a Shetland pony. It was the perfect size for us as we were all in grade school. But what they did not tell us kids was this pony had a wicked streak and hated kids. Yup, when adults were around he was a docile nice pony, when it was just us kids he was a demon from hell it self. I remember one time I was riding the beast and it leaped like it was jumping over something, then it locked it’s front legs and over its neck I went, ass over face, my face which was headed face first into the dirt. Now you might think the beast would have taken off and gone back to the barn it called it home. Nope it stood there and brayed at me in a laughing jeering manner. I learned to have a huge dislike for that biting angry Denis the menace in horse form. Oh well after that I grew up big enough to ride the really horses and I never looked back. If I won the lotto and had lots of money I would have a horse or two, but never one of those damn biting ornery ponies. Hugs


    1. Holy moly that is an awful story!!! Why would they have even allowed a child to ride a horse if it hated children!!!!! That’s terrifying!!!
      I want a goat, some chickens, a turkey, a few horses and a cow. I’ll share my lotto with you if I win so you can have a few horses too. I don’t think i could ride one but Id love to see them out grazing and pet them

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    1. I wish they all had freedom. The idea that a horse that is meant to roam is kept in a stall. It breaks my heart. Especially in comparison to these. And let me tell you I’ve seen many a horse and they are given THE BEST food and groomed and look NOTHING like the shiny coats of these animals. Tells you something about mental health and how freedom can heal you

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  2. Aw he still has that branch in his mane. Somebody needs to pull it out while he’s sleeping. lol, just kidding. I feel bad for him though, living with that attachment.

    Seeing the horse laying down, he/she looks comfy. But that’s pretty rare isn’t it for them to lie down?

    Great shots though. They are all so shiny and beautiful.


    1. They were drenched! Total downpour. I thnk its why they were so shiny .
      Yep horses lt down and nap all the time. They even roll around on their backs like dogs do

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    2. You have NO IDEA how much that branch bothers me. I even told the dad like get up on it man and get that out of that baby’s mane!!! He even bit one of the females. He was not being pleasant and bit her a few times and I thought ok if you can use your teeth to bite you can get the stick out of your son’s mane!!!

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