Little Samantha the wren needed to be shared

I left the house and Immediately there is little Samantha singing a song on the fence. I sat with her for what seemed like forever. Cars whizzed right by me and my husband rode by me on his bike and neighbors walked past but it was just Samantha and me!!!

Then I took some photos of the flowers in my yard. Then I ran into my daughter’s squirrel Petunia and she had such a smile I just had to come on here and share these.

It’s funny…I have had many make suggestions on my blogging…post photos just one day a week…put gifs and memes…do a shop this look. And I laugh. I actually laugh! First…I am WAY too excited about each photo I take to only share them one time a week. Second, Gifs and memes and whatever that boomerang thing is all make me dizzy and feel seizurish and infact I don’t even read blogs that have them! And last the shop this look. I am thrilled for others who have a look. But most of the time I am wearing a 2 dollar tank top to avoid the heat with ice packs stuffed down my waist band to keep from getting overheated with my daughter’s hand me up 9th grade shorts so that I can actually lift my legs since they are so stretchy. Pretty sure no one wants to shop THIS look. So I am just me. I don’t really follow the blogging protocols to get more followers or market myself. I’m just me. And that is enough for me! And I’m pretty sure for most people that follow me, they know me well enough to accept my blog for what it is. Random poetry, random photography, mental health awareness, abuse awareness, raw truth. So without further adieu Samantha and Petunia:

29 thoughts on “Little Samantha the wren needed to be shared

    1. I took so many of her. Some with her tongue out some chomping on that mushroom. She was adorable and the light hit her perfectly. I’m glad you liked them. The moment I got home we had torrential downpours. The rain gives us small windows of breaks. This is the most rain I think we’ve had in a long time in florida

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      1. I see you’re in a particular place to get optimal photos of wildlife. Keep them coming!

        I ran today, and sometimes I witness things I never dream of… way off the road I heard 2 raccoons fighting. They sounded pretty nasty towards each other… I never really hear raccoons mostly see them. But they were vocal today!

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      2. Oh my gosh the other night 2 raccoons were pretty much killing each other or something. It was AWFUL. I am on a wooded acre and we are a road away from a prairie. We have coyote, and foxes, every bird you can imagine. Tons of wildlife. Don’t have to go far to get it. Deer. Just about everything. With all the rain sometimes it is quiet. Today things were out and about.
        Foxes scream. It’s horrifying. They also bark. Just like dogs. We have armadillo that walk up the steps on the deck they don’t see well. I’m not thrilled about how the smell. The only thing I don’t like is possum. I have no idea why. One hissed at me a few years ago and after that I steer clear. Must be cool to go for a run and see things and hear things.

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      3. I’ve heard foxes bark. It’s a very distinct bark. Coyotes are everywhere here. I love to bring the city folks down here and they hear a pack start screaming! But owls have my heart. The kooky, odd cackles they make and such intrigue me.


    1. I won’t. I just can’t. I don’t even want to. I don’t want the things others want and I think those who are my friends here are happy with the way I am. All over the darn place with whatever comes to mind at the time!!!!!

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  1. Dear Samantha and Dear Petunia: I bring you New York Greetings from some very distant cousins of yours, who live around where I do, right by The Brooklyn Bridge. We have been discussing our current heat wave … they were very pleased to know about you in Florida. They especially wanted to tell you that their babies did really well this year, and, yum-yum, there are SO MANY good munchies around here these days. My family and I are going back to the Catskills this weekend – I am going to take Brooklyn Greetings to the wonderful plants and animals I will see there. I hope you Floridians will not be aghast at my NYC freshness – may I bring Florida Greetings to the Catskill Mountain folks? I feel sure they would appreciate this very much. We are all one Big Family. Affectionately – TS
    PS You are really handsome folks!

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  2. Beautiful pictures of creation as always,captured from the heart πŸ™‚ I miss you Bethany! GIF’s and memes sometimes makes me laugh especially when I am sending it among my sibling,when I run out of word to tell them how crazy we all are! lol

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    1. I’m not against them! People just tell me I shoulduse them to spice up my blog and I just can’t because they move and i have seizures so I can’t use them or watch them. Little cartoons i can but that’s just not me. Everyone else in my family does but not me.

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      1. Your blog is so good even without those stuff (GIF’s and memes)! Your content and the pictures speak a lot from the heart that I’m sure readers could always relate. And that’s more than good enough πŸ™‚


      2. Thank you!
        I read a blog the other day and every other paragraph wass something moving and blinking and I was bummed because I couldn’t read it. Everyone’s blog is different. I think that’s what makes each one special. It’s just funny because I was looking at one blog that had a shop this look link and she was so adorable and I kept thinking well I wish I could!! So adorable! But I can’t wear anything but tennis shoes or barefooted so sundresses don’t really work. It was just a funny thing to suggest to me.

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    1. Isn’t she the greatest!!! I inched forward in my wheelchair but knew she’d fly away if I got too close. I took a little over 400 photos of her. Just kept pushing the button. It took me 2 hours to look through all of them and I loved every moment seeing her expressions and when she tilted her little head. She was just way too adorable and the little squirrel eating her mushroom snack! Just munching away. TONS of photos of her but that little smile. I swear she was smiling and I’m stickin to it


    1. Thank you!
      That smile was sooo cute . It was in almost every photo. I think she has like a gazillion babies in her nest. Samantha sang and sang and chirped on the fence.

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