You are not “safe” from a rapist based on your weight.


The incorrect thinking that If i’m overweight I am safe from predators.

This goes on the premise that sexual predators, sex offenders, pedophiles, are doing what they are doing out of the sexual desire to have sex. This goes on the premise that rape has anything to do with one’s sexuality, sexual needs, sexual desires or anything else Sexual. It assumes that rape has something to do with a physical and intimate attraction.

Women often believe if they are overweight that makes them feel safer, that no one would want to attack them because they are overweight. That is not true. It may feel safe but it is not.

Rape is a violent crime that is based on control and dominance period. It does not discriminate! Pedophiles don’t stop rape because a child is deemed underweight, overweight. Rapists do not avoid overweight women and only rape underweight women.

A pedophile may prefer a certain type of person but that does not mean the basis of his/her actions are not that of ultimate control. Men do not just rape with their penis. Cut the penis off and you have a thousand other objects and body parts that can be used for rape.

Don’t assume that your gender, your size, your race, or your age will protect you from a rapist. It will not.

I did not know that women believed this until recently so I thought my blog was the perfect place to address this MYTH.

Rape and molesting and crimes of those nature are crimes of violence and dominance and control.

“Comments will not be approved if they argue that rape is about the enjoyment of sex as that is not true and will not be debated.

15 thoughts on “You are not “safe” from a rapist based on your weight.

  1. Outstanding post! Don’t get me wrong here, please understand, anybody who has seen what goes on in the porn industry can easily see that nothing is sacred. Whether a woman is 600 lbs or 100 soaking wet does NOT matter. You’re absolutely right. Opportunity outranks it all.

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      1. It’s a particular subject for me. I dated a girl who was raped once, she was targeted because of her weight. She was seen as an easy target.


      2. There are many targets but no one is safe for one reason or another. My point in this is that weight race and gender does not make one safe from rape.
        I am so so sorry to hear that the girl you dated was raped. Heart breaking

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  2. I feel that this is actually a pretty complex issues, as it is one thing to understand this reality logically, and quite another to really understand it and reality. After the last time I was raped I did buy into the idea that weight made me safer. It did, in many ways, make me more invisible. But what I didn’t realize then was that it wasn’t the weight that made me invisible but the way I was projecting myself (or rather not doing so). It took losing all the weight I had gained for me to see the illusion of control and safety that I had created. I had to lose the weight to see that it was just a false sense of security.

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  3. Years ago, I knew a very elderly woman who was raped. Someone, a stranger, broke into her house, beat and raped her. Another elderly woman was raped last year, not far from where I now live. She took her trash out to the alley behind her house and someone with a vendetta against her husband was waiting there, and he raped her.

    It’s all about power, like you said. It isn’t about beauty or sexiness or how you are dressed. It’s about evil. Pure malignant sociopathic narcissism. Zero empathy, zero compassion, zero conscience.

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  4. My ex would say that a girl wearing jeans can’t be raped because it’s too had for another person to get them off before she can struggle and get away. That way he proved to himself that he wasn’t a sexually abusive person. He created his own definitions in order to support his own arguments. It made me feel crazy. Rape is only about control and domination.


    1. What a horrible thing to say about a woman. What a horrible thing to say about sounds like he was justifying something. He sounds like a very scary person. You are not crazy. He was very very misguided, mislead, and disturbed in this thinking.

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      1. Yes I am safe. Over a year ago he took me to court with accusations about my parenting. The judge assigned to the case served on the governor’s council on domestic violence. The judge was not fooled. His parenting was taken away and there has been no contact since.


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