Calming photos hoping everyone has a lovely weekend

My husband took this first photo of me and then I will post right after the photo I took with my camera….

That’s the only way I can stand with out falling!

We went out in search of deer and found the sunset over the water. I love watching the sunset with my husband arms around me. Not much is better than that.

I used his shoulder for the next photos…I did not filter them…

If you wait long enough the sky will change colors a hundred times in a ten minute time.

I had to get my zoom lens to see what was out in the water….

A baby alligator!

Then I took these with the water and the ripples and bubbles the bugs were making. I filtered them

I liked the way the bugs and their little circles in the water made me feel.

As we were leaving we saw the moon. And WOW what a moon it was. Special thanks to my husband’s shoulder again for being a nice tripod for my camera to rest on as I took these of the orange moon…

We never saw any deer!

Drove home and as we were pulling into our driveway THREE DEER!!!! Hopped across the road and stood in the neighbor’s yard. Quite the lesson, don’t go looking for something when you may already have it right where you are BUT hey while you’re out looking appreciate all of the other beautiful things out there in the big wide world.

35 thoughts on “Calming photos hoping everyone has a lovely weekend

  1. Great photography! Thank you for sharing!

    I’ve had a couple little bucks come out in my backyard the last few weeks. One looks like a little cow horn and the other is a little 4-pointer. They take the same path across the yard when I see them. Thought about getting some corn and putting it out so they’d stay longer. I haven’t got to see them for long they move quick. I guess for now, this is these 2 youngins territory!

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    1. How wonderful!!! I’ve only seen one baby buck with tiny horns. Yes toss some food out for them! Take some photos!!!! I would love to see them. I’m glad you have visitors

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      1. There’s some big guys around. Last early November I saw a hoss of a 8 pointer chasing a doe back there.. and for a few seconds saw one bigger than him in October. I see babies around here often in the spring… these guys contributions lol!


    1. I give all credit to my husband’s shoulder!!!! I was sitting in the car. He was outside of the car leaning over so I could use his shoulder and back to rest the camera. I was super excited how well they came out!!! We got it just as it rose and was so beautiful. Normally it just comes out white but it was orange and showed up orange! The zoom lens doesn’t hurt

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      1. Wow! What a cool hobby and a wonderful, wonderful man 😘. And you’re so splendid with the photography! You have really nice equipment, but it takes skill to know how to work it; the goods are only as good as the human talent πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ’—


      2. That is too sweet! I love that. People often just say oh you must have a nice camera with no clue how hard it is for me to take the shots and get what I want from the angle and the perspective i want to get across so thank you for knowing there is a person trying and not just a camera!!!! Although a nice camera does help. But i still havent read the manual and just take it all on the auto setting


    1. Yes. I am blessed to be able to! I am grateful for each day that my legs still work! So many with my disease are completely wheelchair dependent and ventilator dependent. I had my scooter in the car but he drove me right down to the water’s edge.
      I’m glad you liked the photos

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    1. I’m thrilled you look forward to them. It’s a reason to get out of bed every day for me to go out on little search and find and photo and then share. I’m really glad you like them

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  2. Clear moon pics! I remember you saying something about wanting to get clear ones a long time ago now. Glad you finally got them. These are great.

    The blue water photo…just wow. I really love that, the color just saturates my eyes. I don’t know I just love it.

    And the alligator…I really love that photo a lot. Do you mind if I use it for my ‘wall paper’ on my desk top?

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    1. Oh that would be so neat if you did! I would love that if you used it.
      I’m so happy about the moon pics. We drove around thinking we got nothing and then there was the sunset and the water and then the alligator and the moon. It was all so calming

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      1. So funny. When I first saw the photo but after I asked about it, I googled white birds and egret was the first thing that came up.

        I have a btw too: having your this photo as my desk top wall paper is almost like having you here irl.

        I hope that’s not too creepy to say that. It’s not meant to be.


      2. Thats so cool! I love it. No creepy at all. Just cool

        When birds are standing i can tell what they are but flying i dont know if its an ibis or egret or what

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  3. You were right, soooo relaxing to look at, and sooo beautiful; the reflections, and the light, the golden light, on the water really was magical. My eyes filled up with the loveliness! Love the bubbles and can see how watching them would have been pleasurable. And the moon! And the alligator! What an amazing evening’s work! You are such an incredible photographer Bethany.


    1. Thank you. I have really found great joy in photographing these moments. They just take me to a place of peace and I love to be able to share them and get feedback so thank you so much

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