Poetry/ bit of a horror story

The dead soldier

Entered my being while I was

Restlessly sleeping

He told me to

Keep walking

Just keep walking

It’s 1953

Over a bridge

Through a creek

We’d crossed the Delaware

The previous day or week

I had to deliver the letter


Through my bloodied feet

My injured knee

Had to get the letter

From Bethany:

“It’s hard for him

To watch me suffering

Wishing a different life for me


I hope with all of my being

That one day

He can once again dream.

He knows

My body is dying.

Being together

Was our destiny


Love hopes

For things unseen

I’ll meet you in heaven honey


We will get our eternity

You keep on living


At every bumble bee

At every horse grazing

At every ray of light on a leaf

And when you see that tint of pink

As you watch the sun setting

There will be a part of me

Loving you

And our girl

Until the next time

We meet.”

I woke to his hand on my back

I looked intently at my own hand

Was this me

Or was I that man

Where was the letter

I feel I’ve been deserted

On this island

I’m awake

But I don’t know if I am

What if I’m a soldier

Dreaming of me

Or maybe it was just

The ambien.

15 thoughts on “Poetry/ bit of a horror story

  1. Wow! That’s a wild dream.

    I tried Ambien once, years ago. In my sleep, I got up out of bed, turned on my computer, logged into eBay, and sleep-bid on a very ugly leopard print antique chair that I would never want in my house, and which we did not have the money to pay for Thank goodness somebody outbid me! J never took Ambien again.


    1. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! Well apparently my husband said that I can leap into bed while I sleep walk! Normally I roll into bed. I can barely lift my leg today. Had no idea why until he told me what i did.
      I will never take it again.
      But it wasn’t just that.
      I’ve been sleep walking the last few weeks without medication and i don’t know why. I’ve hurt myself twice now waking up standing in rooms or getting my pocket caught on a door knob. My body is so sore because i have no idea what I’ve done! I kiddingly but maybe not told my daughter i may need a little cat bell collar because i need to wake up!!!!

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      1. Well, yikes. That’s scary, sleep walking without being on any medication to account for it. Have you changed your diet recene? Something as seemingly innocuous as cinnamon can cause vivid nightmares and even sleep walking. It happened to my stepdaughter a couple of years ago. And she is in her forties, not a kid, like most people think of when it comes to sleep walking.


      2. I’ve been incredibly upset lately and I thnk it is causing it. I used to sleep walk as a child all the time but it is very odd as an adult to do.

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      3. I feel weird tapping “Like” on a comment that says you have been incredibly upset lately. What my like means is that I read your comment and I care. I’m sorry you have been feeling so bad. Praying for you.


    1. I LOVE to write poetry! And when I have a wonderful. Nightmare and some sleep walking thrown in well it gives me the perfect material!
      No more ambien for me. I have been sleep walking anyway I just so so very much wanted sleep but that did not happen. Tonight crossing fingers

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re so good at it! I always love your poetry 😍. Hehe drugs are awesome for writing! At least for me; I wrote some of my best stuff (poetry, blog posts) on over-the-counters lol. Benadryl + Sudafed somehow do it for me; so has alcohol (in the past) (lol); I can only imagine what Ambien would do! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚πŸ’“. I’m so sorry you had such a nightmare, though! Those suck! They do make good writing material, though. (Silver lining and stuff) 😘. Crossing fingers with you for good sleep tonight for us both! I hope you get the rest you need πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“


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