An evening with the wild horses

Tonight I realized it is not as easy to be mindful without my husband present. I wanted to have some alone time at the park and so I had my husband drop me off. I forgot, or was never really aware, that HE is being vigilant while I’m nonchalantly taking photographs. So when he wasn’t there I was so aware of everything around me. Tiny snake in front of me, alligator to the left. Horses up ahead. So I stopped my scooter in a spot in the path that was away from everything and then the horses decided to walk past me which was awesome but then the stallion stayed back. So if they are not together they are very vigilant. And enter stupid humans. Some want to sit in the grass with them while they graze. Some want to run up and take selfies with them. So then you have me in a scooter and the horses spooked and the stallion kicked up his back legs. It scared me a little and I ended up yelling at some people that we were not at a FUCKING zoo!!!! These are wild animals!!!! Two of the mares ran up ahead and stopped right next to me on the path. I video taped them. I will put that on here with the photos. So the zoom lens is used but not on the video. The two mares were just right next to me. I don’t know if they felt after there or if they knew I wasn’t a threat. I have no idea. But my outing while exciting was just a little different with out my husband. Plus I had to steer myself on the packed gravel and that was a bit hard on my arms. Plus after my sleep walking escapades last night the rest of my body has substantial pain. But I’m very excited I got an ALMOST clear shot of a flying bird, an osprey, the baby colt had a stick in his mane which I felt awful for him because it was rubbing his face but he was still adorable, and I took a few other fun photos. It was really good to get out. I had a bad day yesterday and an even worse night (hence the poetry I posted) so hopefully you will all enjoy my exciting adventures photos

A tiny probably harmless snake but the popping up of the head did not make me happy. I yanked my legs up so fast and could not decide whether to inch past, speed past, couldn’t go in the grass near water/alligator. Ugh the dilemma!

I also found this new “art” setting on my camera and took a few photos in my yard with it that I thought were really neat.

28 thoughts on “An evening with the wild horses

  1. Ummm, I keep thinking, if it had happened to me, TS would be saying: “Don’t go near wild creatures alone, any more: Right, TS??” Chalomot Paz – TS

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    1. You have NO IDEA!!!! The baby hurt his mouth a few weeks ago and he has a gash on the side of his face that finally today looked good. Then I see the stick and I think OK a stick but then right next to his eye is a new scratch. Poor thing. I am hoping one of the mama’s will pull it out for him. I don’tknow if they do that.
      I was watching the deer this past week and if they have an injury one of the other deer will lick it and if they have a tick the other will pull it off with her teeth. So I wonder if the horses do that or not.

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    1. I have a panasonic lumix i think it is gx? But can’t remember off the top of my head.
      Last night i looked up this “sharpening” tool on the editing and i sharpened one and it was sooo cool. Then i realized how many filters there are and i then realized that half the photos out there are filtered to the max! So things don’t look like photos really make them look. I was excited and upset all at the same time thinking things aren’t what they appear!
      Anyway i love my camera. I’d still love to see one ofyour photos if you took one not posted otherwise that would reveal who you were. I would love to see one. What camera do you have?

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      1. Thanks Bethany! You use that camera really well. 🙂 I have a Nikon D5200… My dream is to be able to afford a pro-level camera, maybe one day. It’s very strange… I’m aching to take photo’s, yet I can’t seem to bring myself to actually doing it! My business partner and I have discussed starting to go on little day outings for photography (she’s a professional landscape and macro photographer). So as soon as that happens, will post some photo’s just for my blog. 🙂


      2. Oh that sounds like blast! I hope you do.
        I bet once you start then you’ll want to all the time.
        So what are the pro level cameras?
        Mine is a panasonic lumix. The added lens has made it way more exciting

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      3. I’ve been looking through them and I want to buy buy buy!!!!
        Mine was only $600 but the lens was over $1000 and that is NOTHING compared to the prices of these other cameras. I had no idea they could cost that much. I looked up mine and the pro version and oh how I want to buy it.

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  2. The birds on the wires are great. Kinda mysterious. Reminds me of the movie.
    That snake, yeah…yikes. The alligator, even more yikes. Really clear captures though.
    Is the bird a hawk? Looks like an eagle.

    I showed B the horse photo (6th horse photo down) to B and he said, “Wow!” He said wow to the great shot and that you have that kind of wildlife in your vicinity. He used to really be into photography. Had a dark room when he was younger.

    From the slight distance I showed it to him, he couldn’t see the stick (and I didn’t mention it). But that would make me want to go take it out of his mane. Poor guy.

    That “art” mode is fun. Really great shots with that too. I love that bird bath.

    Despite having to be on such high alert you managed to get some good photos. I hate that though, that feeling. It’s so stressful. It sucks when you realize too late that you should’ve done something different, ie, had hubby stay as the look out. Glad you survived.

    It was so cool to see that video though and hear your voice.


    1. I took the video just for you 🙂 I thought well no birds have come to the bird bath! So I’ll do a video here. Since I moved the bird bath no one has visited and then I realized the new birdbath that went in it’s place is too deep so when filled with water the little birds know it’s too deep so I’ve been emptying rain water out of it in hopes that they will come back.
      The bird is an osprey. He dove earlier into the water and that was So cool to watch. It looked like he was diving at 60 mph into the water.
      Yep, I realy wanted to pull that stick out so badly especially knowing it was hurting his face. I kept thinking come on mom you have teeth! Pull that out!!!!
      The osprey looks a lot like an eagle and most think it is. But he has slightly different markings. He is always out there and every photo is blurry. This is the closest i have gotten to NOT blurry.
      I loved those birds on the wire. My husband was waiting for me in the parking lot and it took me forever to get from a mile away back and I knew I should not have stopped while he was waiting but I could not pass up all of those birds on that wire!!!!! It wasn’t a straight wire either which really bothered me. I coudlnt even make it straight because then the other was crooked. But they were tiny up there.
      I loved the art mode. I had played with that before I went out there and I thought it was so neat what it did with rocks and the bird bath.

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      1. Oh my gosh! Thank you. It’s nice to know you were thinking of me while you were out there. I’ve never been that close to a wild horse, and certainly our wildlife is nothing compared to your area. I’ve been to Assateague before but the horses were so far away when we were there.

        I did a quick google search on the osprey. You probably know this already…lol. They are also known as sea hawk or river hawk or fish hawk. Guess he was diving for fish.

        I also liked that white bird flying over the horse’s head. Is it a heron? And it’s not actually right over the head of the horse is it? The way you got the shot looks like it’s coming in for a landing on the horse’s back.


      2. I had no idea the osprey was called that. How cool! I knew he caught something I just couldn’t see what it was. I loved that white bird flying over the horses head. I wanted so much for him to be clear but he wasn’t. I can’t seem to get two things clear on one frame. It actually flew right over him and then across the water. I don’t think he is a heron. I think he is maybe an ibis? Or something like that.
        I WAS thinking about you! So I’m so glad you liked the video.

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    1. I’m so glad! I see you’ve been reading my blog 🙂 sweetness!!!!
      I’m ok. I went out with my husband to watch the sunset over the water and watch the moon. Getting ready to post those calming photos. It was a really nice night. I needed it so badly

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      1. I’m so, so happy for you 😍. Yep, yours was one of the first blogs I sought out when I had a minute to start catching up. Couldn’t and wouldn’t miss it for anything! I’ve missed it so much while I’ve been getting used to school; it has taken a lot of my time. And I’ll be in it for another year and a half or so. But I’m trying to grab those spare minutes and stay current and connected, because I really love your posts! 💖💜💖


      2. How many classes are you taking? Are you liking it? Are you IN class around lots of people or are you doing online classes? I’m sure I should remember all of this but for some reason I don’t.
        I’m so glad you come back to my blog and catch up. It makes me feel good. I will see all the likes in a row and think ahhhh she is back and about checking things out!
        You must be so busy. I sure hope you are giving yourself some down time and not getting too overwhelmed or overstimulated with school. It care wear you out!


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