Communing with nature

One of the most peaceful things that I do is just BE in nature.

My husband and I went to a state park today and got to literally hang out with a deer family. The baby and mama loved all over each other. Licked each other’s faces. Another mama came along. They didn’t care one bit that I was right there with them. They acknowledged me and looked at me but then went about just being deer. I love being near them and feeling such peace when I am with them. Nature is the ultimate gift to humanity. Not one thought crossed my mind while I was with the deer other than the great appreciation I had for being able to be in their midst.

The only drawback was that I had hoped to get some photographs but I had my zoom lens on the camera and I was right with them so the photos did not quite turn out like I hoped. But life is not about photos. It is about moments. And sometimes we can capture those moments perfectly on a photo and sometimes not. That’s ok. I got to be with the man I love and the animals I love.

13 thoughts on “Communing with nature

  1. What wonderful pictures of the deer. We were at my mother-in-law’s house this past week in California, and now that she is not physically able to shoo the deer away (and I think she enjoys them now), they had a good time in her backyard. I told Mom that the deer had turned her backyard into a grocery store. No one puts up fencing to keep them out, now that Dad has died and Mom lets them have their way. It was beautiful to watch them, Just majestic creatures, and so family oriented.

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    1. I love to watch how animals love. How devoted they are to each other.
      I know that deer can really do some damage to the gardens. I planted a garden one year and a bunny ate it in a night. I knew it was just part of nature. I hope it is calming for your mom in law to be able to watch them.

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  2. The Lord gave us nature for many reasons. One is that it can have healing benefits. I feel younger in the woods. It lifts a lot off my mind and I can think better and actually relax.

    Good post!

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    1. It is when I feel closest to God. Even the place I go to pray is the garden outside of the church, the prayer garden. That is where I sit and talk to God. Not actually in the church.
      Thank you! I’m glad you liked the photos. I was just way close with the wrong lens but couldnt switch it out and miss the moment


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