The Glass Castle kind of sort of movie review

The Glass Castle is somehow supposed to make us feel nostalgic. We are supposed to feel moved by this man who is “eccentric” and homeless and takes his children from place to place often with no medical care or food. We are supposed to be awed by his mystical words and his priceless ramblings about how the stars are more important than going to school. The mother felt it was ok to be so “artistic” that her paintings were more important than feeding her children. The family reminisces about how they all stuck together and all the fun times they had. It is somehow supposed to be a profound revelation to the viewer that we MUST remember the tiny morsels of good and forget all of the bad. Ahhh dad was just a drunk and spent his money on cigarettes instead of actually buying his kids shoes but he had some great words of wisdom on them world. He was dreamer, yippy. They show the real family at the end of the movie laughing about how they got stars in the sky for christmas because they had no money as if any of this movie is something to laugh about. I’m supposed to feel happy for them that they had the ability to live in a dysfunction family with a dysfunctional life in an illusion and just accept? Just be happy anyway?

This movie nauseated me. There was no honor, no true parenting, no real love. This movie makes a mockery out of what family should be. Why did this true story make it into the theaters? Why do people want to glorify injustices against children?

I give this movie 2 thumbs down. And I am no movie reviewer. And someone may think why on earth am I writing a movie review on a blog about abuse?

Because the movie was triggering. The movie made me think about how many people have told me that the bad needs to just be let go and I need to remember the good. Now the bad has no impact and no ramifications. How I should just focus on the good times and give no validation to the desolation I felt over the bad times.

There is no laughing around a table for me.

Maybe the rest of my family is laughing around their table.

Infact I am sure of it. This past thanksgiving they all had a hell of a time laughing and living that life they chose to live that did not include any glimmer of actual reality.

Posh lives. Rich lives. Empty souls.

It must be nice to have the luxury to pretend. Nothing happened to them so they get to. I don’t have that luxury. I have no luxury.

Yeah so I hated that movie. If you’ve been abused or abandoned or neglected I would say stay far far away from that movie. The end.

20 thoughts on “The Glass Castle kind of sort of movie review

  1. Agreed. I have not seen the movie, but I did read the book. To me, the book comes across like this:
    A beautiful young woman, living and working in New York City, makes the right connections to get a book published. But her book, a memoir about growing up in extreme poverty with criminally neglectful parents, is much too dark for the publisher’s comfort.

    “I’m sick of these misery memoirs,” said the publisher. “If I have to read one more version of A Child Called It, I’m gonna scream. Can you lighten it up some? Make the parents all quirky and cutesy and funny? And see if you can turn your dad’s stealing you out of the hospital to avoid the medical bills and legal repercussions when you were three years old with third degree burns over 30% of your body, which you got because you had to cook your own dinner while your free-spirited mother threw paint on a canvas — see if you can make that episode seem like a big, crazy frat party. In fact, make your whole life into one hilarious frat party, okay? Whatever you gotta do to put a comic spin on everything, do it — and then, sure, I’ll publish it for you.”

    I could be 100% wrong, that may not be how it happened at all. But it sure seems that way to me.

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    1. In the first paragraph of my previous comment, I should have said “A beautiful and talented young woman, living and working in New York City” – – because Jeanette Walls is a very talented writer. But the tone of her memoir just does not feel right to me. Maybe it’s how she deals with it. Laughs, to keep from crying.


      1. Oh so the book IS the same as the movie. Ok. I misread. The publisher…ok. I just reread that. Yes. It took something that should have been dark and tried to make it funny and make this man likeable. But it seemed true. They interviewed the mom and showed the family and they all seemed happy go lucky about all of this trauma and like it was just normal to suck it up and make light of such atrocious behavior

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      2. From what I have read of other reviews, the movie is worse than the book, when it comes to trying to turn a truly hellish way of growing up into a fun frolic. But even so, the book is too… artificial, somehow. Glossed over. Maybe the author was just numb, but it did not seem right to me.


      3. There were only a few moments in the movie that felt authentic where she allowed herself to be her true self. The rest was just numb, exactly right

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      4. And that kind of numbness really takes away all of OUR battles and victories and realities and realness and truths that we have worked so hard to express. It minimizes it and makes it seem trivial. So the movie just pissed me off all around

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      5. The way you write, especially in posts like your next one, about your really bad no good day — you are so completely real, nothing is whitewashed or covered over. There’s no fake. What you write is what you really think and what you truly feel. And it completely fits with the circumstances, with the things that are happening in your life now, and the things that have happened in the past. I love that.

        Oh my gosh, Bethany, I just remembered… I told you several weeks ago that I was going to email you a list of my favorite books about writing and publishing memoir. I’m so sorry I forgot! I am too tired now, but will put a reminder on my phone right now, so I don’t forget again.


      6. Well guess what. I forgot too!!!!!! So no big deal at all. Left my mind completely. Had you not mentioned it I would have not remembered!
        It’s ok. It’s funny because you said you’d put a reminder on your phone and earlier I thought OH I need to remember to put this reminder on my phone. And I forgot. Ugh. Gone from the memory. Oh well.
        Thank you for appreciating my writing and how I write and how I feel. Those are the blogs I most like to read myself because I connect and understand and it feels real to me even if it is there life because I know it is true and like you said not whitewashed. I mean anyone can do that but what’s the point. Shoot if you are going to write a blog and be authentic then take it all the way. I understand some may take time to get there and it takes steps to tell about these vulnerable things. I can’t always do it in the moment. But that’s what bothered me so much in that movie is it lacked raw truth. Everything is watered down now but that takes away such significance to trauma that needs to be kept as it is. I always appreciate your comments so much

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    2. YES!!! Exactly. It couldn’t be real and it should have been real. Instead they make it all fun and games that this poor child is burned making her own food and her dad steals her out of the hospital minimizing what has happened to her. Yes. Exactly. It infuriated me.
      I probably would have liked the book then if it was raw and real but the movie put this spin on in that minimize neglect


  2. Wow will do. I had not heard of this movie. No TV here so I haven’t seen too many previews/trailers. I don’t really watch movies at all anymore. I’ve taken them out of the library but it’s been a long time since I’ve done that. Well, I did take one out a few weeks ago but then it didn’t work in my DVD drive on my laptop. So I never watched it.

    That movie would piss me off too. Whoever is in charge of molding society, they seem to be trying to normalize all kinds of child abuse. What better way than to put it in movies. And the sick thing, most people won’t think too much about it.


    1. Mine isn’t on tv. I watch things on netflix or amazon. This one i think was amazon. Yeah it wil lmake you feel like shit. Don’t watch it. You hit the nail on the head though. Normalizing. So tired of that

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    1. I keep hearing that. The movie just sucked terribly. If the book reflected authenticity then I will try that instead. I did not read the book yet. Just watched the movie and didnt want anyone wasting their time on it


  3. thank you so very much for the candid movie review. i will stay away from this one as i have enough “reality” in my life that i don’t need to watch how poor behavior is glamorized. It must be nice to have the luxury to pretend. Nothing happened to them so they get to. I don’t have that luxury. I have no luxury…..oh my goodness I loved these two statements of yours………….I experience this w/others………beautifully worded.


  4. Thanks for the heads up. My mom has schizotypal personality disorder. People that struggle with this disorder are described as eccentric and can’t understand how their actions effect others and they can’t maintain relationships. So she chose me as the scapegoat child (as is common) and was extremely abusive to me from the beginning – but she can’t understand why I would want no contact. Oil paints were more important than food and clothing. She accused safe relatives of terrible things and then looked the other way when my dad hurt me. But other adults would say “ your mother is a little eccentric, that’s all.” I was surprised, when she was diagnosed a few years ago, to look up the disorder and see that word as a symptom. I think I will steer clear of this story!


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