The cardinal family

I’ve had the absolute pleasure in watching two families in a day. The herd of horses family and the cardinal family. Both families work together. Both do not leave the others. Both help each other when in need. They work together. They love.

The cardinal I first saw when I was in bed and turned my ipad video on. A baby cardinal had flown up and gotten wrapped in a spider web. I video taped the scenario. You will see that the baby was on the ground trying to get the web off. The father IMMEDIATELY joined the baby. Soon after the sibling came. None knew quite what to do but they knew the baby was not ok. I was in a panic. I put the ipad down and went outside to try and catch the bird and get the web off. After doing 8 years of wildlife rehab I knew how to do it but back then I did not have a muscle disease so with all my might I could not catch this bird. I got my camera then and zoomed in so I could make sure she was ok. I watched as the father came back, the sibling came back. Another sibling came over. They all hid in the dead mimosa tree that was in the ditch behind our house. That mimosa tree was my favorite. It had to come down to put in a new drainfield. I was pretty upset about it having to be dug up. My husband chopped it all up and put it down in the ditch to be burned after it dried out. (We will plant another tree). As I sat there with my camera watching I was thrilled that the mimosa was there as a safe place for the cardinal to get the web off. She could not fly and was not safe with the hawks all over our yard. So I sat on the deck and watched her through my lens and I prayed and I prayed that she would be ok. What amazed me is that she did not give up and neither did her family. They didn’t know what they could do to help so they were simply…present. She worked and worked on that wing to get the web off and finally…flew away. The whole family flew away and I sighed such a sigh of relief. All was well in the cardinal world. So much love in those moments and hours that I sat watching. I’m glad I can share it with you. So when you watch the video just know, she ended up just fine.

13 thoughts on “The cardinal family

  1. Just as life, whey there is a struggle, fight through it – at the end, all will be well. And as life also, we have people – as you for the bird, cheering us on and praying that at the end of our darkest moments, we come out victorious. Such a beautiful video, thank you for sharing.

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      1. It’s such a balance. I have found. You want them to learn and grow but also feel loved and supported. Such a fine balance. He may have not known how to help her get a spider web off or even that that was the problem but he did not leave her alone to deal with it. He was by her side the entire time. He even made sure she was fed while working on her problem

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  2. Animals are so loyal and steadfast. Too bad humans couldn’t take a few notes from the animal kingdom. I really loved the story. I was on the edge of my seat!


    1. Oh my gosh so was I. By the time I came in I was drenched in sweat in this heat but I really HAD to know if she was ok and she was yay!


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