Our time with the wild horses

We saw the horses immediately when we got there. We drove down the gravel path to where they were grazing. As we rounded the corner we could see one of the mares was stomping her foot. There was an alligator in the water which was near the colt. She was stomping her point into the ground. There were also people too close to her herd. So we sat back and I got up and sat on the ground and started taking photos. In this first photo you can see the gravel road. The colt ran to his mother to nurse. On either side of the road is grass and on either side of that is water. There are 6 total wild horses. One stallion, one baby, 4 mares. This first photo is dark because it was getting dark when I took it. I could turn up the brightness but well I’m not so good at altering photos at this point. The stallion is in the middle of the path while the baby is nursing from one of the moms. The baby nurses from two mares. We aren’t sure how that is possible unless the other mare lost her baby. The fact that this baby has two mamas touches me every single time.

One horse decided after stomping at the gator to lay in the grass. Here is a photo of the gator and then the napping horse

So just to the left of her was the water where the gator was. And then the baby came over to visit me. He was very curious about me and left the entire herd, came very close, then walked past and grazed on the grass far away from the herd. The herd kept a close watch though and eventually the baby ran back.

Out near the other side of the water was this mare eating some bushes

As the colt walked past me and my husband the stallion was watching…

Here they all are as we were leaving on the path. You can see the water and the path they were on

I think this shows best how it’s water, grass, path, grass, water. Then way out is prairie. So you can see how closely we are to the alligator while even on the path. As we were leaving about a thousand black birds flew in. I have 6 sets of photos of them flying in and there were a few hundred in each set. They flooded the place!

Then the sky turned pink and we went home

14 thoughts on “Our time with the wild horses

    1. There are hundreds of thousands of acreage that is a state park that they have been on and where they live. That state park is mostly prairie and it has flooded so they have migrated over to this city park area that has grass and more vegetation for them. There are signs everywhere telling people to stay away from them as they are wild and unpredictable.
      This place, they mow the grass on the side of the gravel pathway. Isn’t cement. So that people can watch out for alligators and water moccasins that cross the pathway to get to the water on either side.


    1. It really is healing. Normally these horses are on the thousands of acres at Payne’s prairie but these have wandered over to the wetlands park where people are and there are signs everywhere saying ” keep the horses wild and keep your distance” watching them interact is fascinating and wonderful

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  1. How fortunate you are to be able to witness these animals in the wild. It’s cool how the baby had two Mamas. Animals will often do that, take care of anothers baby if they lose thiers. Iv’e seen that. I really love the photos and the birds are really cool.

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