Yesterday’s walk:butterflies, birds, flowers, and water

Watching butterflies is a great way to calm the mind. It truly is. I sat in my wheelchair in the road in front of my house and watched 3 separate butterflies go from flower to flower. The would meet in the air and tumble around. I have no idea if it was a fight or a greeting or a mishap but it happened a lot. Then they would go back right away to each flower.

I saw this hawk by chance as I heard another bird so I looked up for her and RIGHT next to me was this hawk so regal looking directly at me. He had this fluff white feather on his chest that was out of place and so I was focusing on that until a car came by and we both had to move along.

I stopped in front a very kind woman’s house to watch her sprinkler go up and over her yellow flowers and I was in such a trance by the way the water fell on the flowers I didn’t even realize she’d come up behind me to say hello.

I had planned to stay in bed all day and rest but nature called and I am glad I listened.

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