14 thoughts on “Wild horses in the water

      1. I talk to them and they dont seem afraid. I think they are used to people being out there. Youd think every animal would run from my scooter but they dont.
        My husband got me this huge umbrella to go over the scooter. Wonder if wildlife will be so thrilled about that! I will be quite the sight.

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    1. It sure is!!!
      Those alligators were nowhere near those horses though!!
      We were far away on a little path not even near the water. I was able to set up my camera next to a fence all safe and sound.
      As we were walking around the normal path though we were very aware of the croaking all around us and the park ranger told us they had to rope off an area where there is an alligator nest because the alligator came out to chase the lawn mower. Yikes!!! The mow the edges I’m sure for safety reasons for visitors.
      I prefer winter visits here but always worth it to get a glimpse of these horses. Took away all the stress in just a blink of an eye

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      1. I would love to see a wolf. That is something I have never seen before. We have so much wildlife. I’m glad I can share it on my blog for other people like you who don’t get to see it

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