This week’s photo favorites

The first photo is of a great horned owl. You can tell by his ears. He was far away in a pine tree but we saw him fly there and land. His wing span was incredible. Then we ran into a sweet deer family. The baby was grooming the mother as she lay on the ground. It was very endearing to watch. Very! Then we stopped to photograph a snake. All photos were taken in the car. It has rained here non stop for I’d say a good month. It seems to be flooding everywhere in Florida and burning everywhere in California. I wish we could send them some of our rain. So there have been no outings other than some good ole car photography! My husband drives I shoot. He spotted the snake and we stopped near him. I know it looks like I was basically lying on the ground next to him but I never left the car. He is a venomous snake, water moccasin. I thought he was beautiful. Others have said the photo completely freaks them out. He was just sunning himself in the road.

The last photo is of our little squirrel Petunia. She has just given birth after making her nest. She had some drama earlier in the week where a storm blew half her nest down. She frantically came to my window needing help. I had no idea what she wanted because she normally just sits on the window sill when it rains. But this time she was banging on the window and chewing at the screen. I finally went out to see she was carrying her baby and then trying to mend her nest. So I sat outside with her in the rain. I think she was scared and didn’t know what to do. I was very upset for her knowing she was up there all alone with all of those babies in a storm and her nest falling apart. These kind of things really affect me and I know that makes me pretty abnormal in today’s society to fret over the feelings of this squirrel. But that is who I am. Yesterday, the rain stopped for an hour and I went to check on her. She was sitting outside her nest taking a break. I talked to her for awhile and she just looked at me so sweetly. I will post her video after this:

After I watched it I had a moment where I felt badly for telling her to stop chewing the screen BUT just as a mother would do her child…she needed some boundaries. She got my attention and I went right outside. She likes to listen to my daughter sing so when my daughter comes outside and starts to sing she will come down from her nest and forage around near the deck. As soon as she stops singing Petunia goes back to her babies. I’ve raised baby squirrels when I did wildlife rehab and I know the kinds of food she needs so I will set out something for her later. The problem is every other animal around here will come to eat it, foxes, armadillo, raccoons, etc. I’m contemplating putting a pillow under her nest on the ground incase any other babies fall out but with all the rain it would just flatten to the ground in a day.

That’s the sum up of the week’s positive. We saw a gopher tortoise and listened to him eating but for the life of me I could not get a clear photo. But it happened!

9 thoughts on “This week’s photo favorites

  1. My favorite is the one of Petunia. It almost looks like you placed the bare limbs so they would draw the eye to her, then painted in the green leaves to form an interesting background that added to her importance rather than taking away from it.

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    1. She is wonderful isn’t she!!!! That is her spot. And I can sit on my deck and rest my camera on my knees and take photos of her. It was almost dark when I took that.
      I’m glad you liked it

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  2. You take such good & clear photos! The snake is so pretty….and his lippies are so cute! Sadly, such concern for creatures is abnormal…this world needs more abnormalities!! Maybe you can stake out a tarp a couple feet above the ground to cushion a fall,. Petunia is a sweet, intelligent being. I feed about 7 squirrels, one named Sugar has allowed me to pet her head 3x. Pete & RePete are twin brothers that are always together. Playful is often found bouncing off of stuff and somersaulting with sticks. The rest are un-named. I can’t tell them apart. When they’re hungry, Sugar climbs the door trim to peer in the door window Or climbs to look into the patio window. The brothers Pete work in cahoots at the window. One of the un-named climbs the screen of the window’s bottom half, turns upside down to thump it’s hind legs on the glass! Gotta love ’em, even when the rascals dig up all the moss of my fairy garden. I gave up on it.


    1. How SWEET!!! I have been wondering if our little petunia will let us pet her one day. I love to watch them wrestle with things on the ground and play. When we had dogs and had lots of balls in the backyard a raccoon would play with it and the squirrels.
      I love the snake. He was awesome


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