12 thoughts on “A limpkin eating a snail (avert your eyes if this will upset you)

    1. They were everywhere! These birds, small, big, all different ages. All just jumping out in front of us as if to say hey pick me!


    1. The snail was MASSIVE. He actually pulled everything out of the shell. The shell was laying on the ground. He shook it for awhile before he finally swallowed it. I should have done video instead since most of the photos were blurry since he was moving. The snails out there are just hundreds and the snail eggs thousands


      1. Wow. And these birds keep the population under control and they get to eat too. This also explains why people find empty snail shells.
        Video would have been so Nat Geo. Lol. Would’ve loved to see it.


      2. One day someone told us that the snails are invasive and so are all the eggs. The bird I took a photo of isn’t usually in this part of the state but due to weather they are here and so now they are creating a balance because they are killing off some of the snails. I like to see balance in an unbalanced world.
        My daughter was VERY upset I posted his photo because she and I love snails and she was upset I photoed it but ya know…it’s freaking nature. Birds eat the fish. Alligators eat the birds. Not something I’d like to see so the least bothersome to me is a bird eating a snail. But to each their own. Just made ME think of the balance of it all though

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      3. That’s amazing they are there then. I saw a video recently about how people get certain animals as pets, like snails, turtles, frogs and lizards just to name a few and then let them go into the wild. And then the narrator went into how it creates all this imbalance and chaos to the local eco-system.

        Your above comment reminded me of that. And there were comments under the video where some people were saying they live in Florida and all that was said in the video is happening there.


      4. Right now in Florida there is an issue with wild monkeys that were brought in to Silver Springs which was this park but they put the monkeys on this island and filmed some movie not realizing that monkeys could swim and got off the island and now are running through neighborhoods and out in ocala national forest. There was one in a neighborhood near us.
        I watch documentaries all the time about things like you said when different species are introduced and then other say they were already here anyway,etc. In Florida there is also a group of parakeets that have escaped houses and all found each other.


      5. Damn that’s crazy about the monkeys. My mother lives in Ocala. Lol. I don’t have any idea how close she is to the forest though.

        Pretty bad people moving monkeys for a movie and not knowing that they can swim. Research is way too easy these days. That’s just reckless. Poor monkeys and not safe for people.

        And the parakeets. That’s one reason for clipping wings when first getting a parakeet. So they don’t fly away. I was watching a girl on YT about that too. She didn’t like the idea of clipping wings of her pet bird but then she realized it was a good idea so that she had the chance to bond with it first. The part that they clip grows back and now when this girl’s bird flies around it goes right to her or her husband.

        If they get away in Florida they obviously have a chance to survive given that it’s almost always hot or at least warm. But they would never survive the winters up here.

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