27 thoughts on “And on this week: Adventures with the husband…

  1. Your pictures are breathtaking, my dear! Wow! Especially the lightning shots! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ I’ve always tried to get some of those myself, and have not yet been successful πŸ˜ŠπŸ’ŒπŸ’βš‘οΈ


    1. I’ve been having some trouble with lightening and bumble bees and humans!!!! I do better with sunsets and birds I’ve found. I will keep trying though. Thank you! It was a beautiful night with the pink clouds and then the lightning.

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      1. Yeah i read sunsets then i was like why did she text this then i went back and read subsets and laughed. I’m telling you my mind auto corrects laina language.


    1. That is sooo kind! Thank you! I do love taking photographs that is for sure. Mostly, I love just being in that moment and then capturing it so I can look back on it

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  2. Please understand that I am offering advice from what I discern from your blog. And my intention is to help you realize how much talent you have. If you consider this being too forward, please forgive me. I certainly won’t hold it against you since I don’t know all of the facts. I’m from Texas and New Mexico where people are more plain spoken than they are in the South. But at the risk of sounding like a nosy old lady, might I suggest that once a month or so, you go through all of your pictures to cull out the very best ones. After you’ve cropped and played around with those, take digital copies to a professional printer and have 1 or 2 large prints made of each one. Then go to a framer and get one of each matted and framed. (Everything looks better when framed.) Then you have: original art to decorate your house, one of a kind gifts for your children and friends, and art to sell at art shows and on your blog. You have a good eye, a good camera, and many opportunities to catch one-of-a-kind scenes. Plus this is a project you can adapt to working on your good days and just resting on the bad ones. Best of luck!


    1. I love straight forward!
      I love that you love my photography!
      So I will tell you the plan I am working on that I have not shared.
      I have picked my favorites. Out of about 5o,000 photos i narrowed it down to 3000 and finally 50. I have sent those to another photographer who is going to narrow it down further based on the fact that I don’t really know what I am doing and he does. After that I am going to create a website to sell these photos. All of the profits will go to a place called the child advocacy center which helps abused children with an advocate, with therapy, everything.
      That is my plan with my photos. In the mean time, my husband has picked out about 10 0f his favorites that he wants printed and matted and framed and hanging in our house so that these moments I have captured in time with him will actually be something we see every day in our house. Right now I have other’s photos framed of nature and such but we realized that my own photos had more meaning and feeling since he and I were both a part of that process.
      So i not only agree with you but am working on doing just that! So it is super cool that you shared this with me. Just proves that I am doing what i am supposed to do!
      Thank you for all of your suggestions and honesty. I love it.
      For my blog I have so much that goes on in my mind with the reason I started my blog, abuse. But I cannot always formulate that into thought. So as therapy I go take photos. I share them on my blog as part of the healing process. I hope that has been conveyed properly somewhere along the way. I do it as mindfulness to help me stay focused on something beautiful and not something causing ptsd. Which is why they mean so much to me and why my husband wants to print them..
      i just had SOOO many and got overwhelmed but finally got the photos down to a few horses, a few sunsets, a few birds, so we have our favorites finally.
      I like your idea too of picking my favorites of the week. Great suggestion.

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      1. So very glad to read of your plans — they fill me with joy. Your pictures bring healing to others just because beauty is a balm to our souls. We need people like you to help us see beauty and allow it into our hearts and minds. I can hardly wait to see your chosen pictures. I probably will be one of your very eager customers. πŸ˜‰


      2. Oh YAY I am so excited to hear this! As soon as I am up and running I will post it to my blog. If it weren’t for the encouragement from people like you I would not have thought I had it in me


    2. Ok well it is harder than I anticipated to start a webpage for my photography!!!! My brain is not geared for such things. I’ve brought in help!!!!!

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  3. The 3rd sky photo, the pink clouds just above the trees look like more taller trees.

    I recognize the morning dove! Felt like home. We have those here. I heard and saw them all the time when we lived lived in ‘our’ house. I don’t hear them as often here but sometimes.

    The moss…that’s the kind of moss I’m familiar with. I always loved how soft it feels.

    The cranes…cute little family. Love that second one where the one (is it the baby?) seems to be dancing. Made me smile. Something much needed.

    When I see cranes I always want to call them storks. lol.

    What is the bird in the water? Is that a crane too? It’s such a cool photo. Love that reflection action.

    The solo crane with his mouth open, it looks like he’s mad and scolding someone. The other one of that same crane like he’s on a soap box. Love them.

    And those lightning strikes in the clouds! Great catch. I have never been able to catch lightning on film.


    1. I’ve never even seen doves this close up and realized how beautiful they are . That they have this little blue ring around their eye.
      The more I am reading about birds the more I realize I don’t know. There are the Herons, but there are baby blue herons and great blue herons. Then there are storks. Wood storks are in this one and I had no idea that’s what they were until someone told me. Then sand hill cranes but some of the white birds that I used to think were cranes are ibis. I have a bird book and I realize I know nothing and need to learn more if I’m going to be photographing.
      The one with his mouth open and tongue out is a heron and I told my daughter that’s how I feel when someone is mean to her. That’s how I want to look to scare someone off and away from hurting her feelings.
      The lightning was sooo cool. I sat out there and waited and waited for the moon and was stuck with lightning instead and It was really neat. I was there a LONG time to get those. I took over 1000 photos and only maybe 3 actually had lightning in them. I got bored as I was scrolling through and almost hung it up thinking I got nothing!

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      1. That’s kinda cool that I thought stork when I saw these birds. But I know nothing (or next to it anyway) myself about birds, flowers, trees or plants. I bet the bird book is interesting. Is it in color? I love books like that.

        I get herons and cranes mixed up all the time and I never even think about ibis.

        I didn’t even notice the blue eyeliner around the morning dove’s eyes. I wonder if they are all like that. I always thought that they were more in the pigeon family, but a quick google search tells me they are in the dove family. So I just learned something new. Not sure why I thought that. The sound they make? The color of their feathers? They are definitely prettier than a pigeon.

        You could channel that heron with its mouth open whenever you need him (or her?) πŸ™‚

        What is the bird in the water? I really like that photo a lot.

        1000 photos! Wow. I don’t think the card in the camera here will hold that many at one time. lol.


      2. I had to go look again. The three birds in the water are wood storks. Even the one with his wings spread. The two that were up on the ledge are great blue herons and then the dove and then the other bird is an anhinga. She is usually out with her black and white feathered wings spread out. I call her angelica. But someone startled her and she flew into the water and i loved how she had her neck all stretched up.
        I always get seagulls and pigeons mixed up thinking they are in the same family but you are right the pigeons and the doves do sound the same. I wonder if there are different varieties of doves. Now i need to look that one up.
        I thought about channeling the heron that’s funny.
        Oh and my card holds 2000 photos thankfully since i obsessively take so many of one thing. I need to post the snake i took a photo of yesterday. He is so neat. I think people get annoyed with all of my photos but fuck it i may just post it anyway because he was so cool. I hung my camera outside of the window since he was in the road. I wasn’t near him. But it looks like he was right next to me.


      3. Oh yeah. Sorry. Lots of birds in the water in this post. Lol…I was talking about the anhinga, floating across the water, neck stretched, beak in the air.

        I really like that shot a lot. Lover her name too. It fits.

        Lol, about the snake and how you took its picture. Can’t wait to see that one. I’ve seen comments on your last snake photo. It’s funny because I have the same reaction.
        I don’t know why people get annoyed if they do. I think your photos are great and fun to look at. It’s a great way to enjoy Florida wildlife without going there. πŸ™‚


      4. I love that anhinga. I had never seen her in the water before. I loved watching her glide.ok will post some photos of the snake so you can see him

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