20 thoughts on “Nice calming photos to end your day peacefully

    1. The lily pads were massive. Have no idea what kind they were. We only had an hour before they closed and I wanted to see so much of the place. The flower was just standing on it’s own next to the lily pads. I think it is called a water lilly? Geez I am not sure. A sign was right there telling me what everything was but I was too interested in photographing everything. I could have spent all day there

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    1. I’d love to do contests actually but the last ne i looked into asked for all the specifics of exposure and aperture and other words that i have no idea what they are! I just take the photo!
      But thank you, im really glad you like them

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  1. Your photography skills have grown in leaps and bounds. I know you’re waiting to see some photo’s from me, but to be honest I’m a big scared to post them on my blog. One of the reasons for this is that I’m scared people trace the photo’s and stumble upon my real name. Maybe I can try taking photos that I don’t post to my professional page/website.

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    1. Oh that makes sense. I completely understand your caution. I HAVE been waiting to see photos from you but understand why you would be hesitant. That’s a great idea though to post a few that you don’t post to your professional site.
      Thank you for the compliment! I so appreciate it!

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  2. I just finished writing a post today and was feeling pretty emotional. So I went to my reader to see if you’d posted anything new and I come upon this! And you’re right, it helped to relax me.

    When I look at your photos I try to pick a favorite from the post, but it always ends up being impossible. πŸ™‚

    If you are able to, could you read the last post I wrote? It’s about my father in hospice and since you worked in hospice…Idk, I would just like your thoughts.


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