#University of Florida campus

Today my husband drove me around for some car photography. We got caught in a huge storm so I did some great out the window photos. At the end I was able to get in my scooter for a few pictures of lake alice. For my friends “across the pond” I hope you enjoy!

17 thoughts on “#University of Florida campus

    1. I know isn’t that wild. Pulled right up and there he was. We went in the winter one year and I drove my scooter down where people picnic and we were focused on an alligator way out in the lake when a tiny alligator jumped out of the water, saw me then flipped over backwards. Every one that could run ran as I screamed louder than any scream. He was more afraid of me than I was of him and he swam off. I will never forget that. I have a video of it somewhere because I was busy videoing the one way out in the water. All the lakes around here have them. We have so many lakes in the area but near here the water is this brown yuck. Where I grew up about 40 miles east of here the water was crystal clear and we swam and skied in it. I loved it

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      1. Yes, it really is wild. It really is amazing how such different creatures live in various parts of this country. So happy to get to photograph so many cool ones and share them with us.

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  1. Thanks, Bethanyk,
    Your pictures of things that most of us pass by without thinking (or, in my case seldom get to see) actually makes us confront Beauty. Thus, you bring healing to all of your visitors. I hope that you are comforted tool.

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    1. How wonderful. Thank you for letting me know that it is comforting to see these photos. It brings me great joy to be able to take them and I immediately come on my blog to share them.


  2. Wow! The architecture is awesome and such a great subject for photography. I always wanted to go around to all the old churches around here and take pictures of them inside and out. I love stained glass too.

    And of course you got a gator also. šŸ™‚ Nice shot.

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    1. I’ve never done this so it was interesting really looking at things from a different perspective. It was raining. I wish i could have driven my scooter around but b just drove me around and we shot out the window. I loved the buildings. I didn’t go to UF. I went to a small community college so I’ve never seen all of the buildings. I’d get lost on campus so i was glad he drove me around. Really loved stained glass too

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    1. You graduated from UF?
      My husband used to work there so he knows his way around. I have driven down a few roads but traffic is usually awful. It was nice to go on a sunday in the rain so we could slowly drive and look at it. No students there. Just huge live oaks and pretty buildings. I really loved that century tower. There was a bat house and so much more but the rain was just too much to get good views. Lake alice the rain stopped for maybe five minutes.


  3. Hi Bethany, I don’t think I have seen you photograph buildings before, these are really great, I can see every brick, every dimple in the old bricks; and the buildings are so straight in your photographs! And the bridge so centred, love the trees and grass too. And the sign made me laugh, and then an alligator, so scary!!!!!


    1. I haven’t! It is something I decided on a whim to try and do. It was very hard! I have photographed wall art once before but that was it. This was quite the challenge for me.
      The bridge was easier because I was resting the camera on my arm rest of my wheelchair so I could really make sure it was straight. Those alligator signs were everywhere I turned! It would have been funny had the alligator been next to the sign

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