Poetry/true story/Ebb Tide

I used to wonder

What is she thinking

As she stared out over the lake

Her eyes glazed.

It’s like another time…

She’d smile when she saw me

“Bethy, would you play me Ebb Tide?”

I would climb the step ladder to reach the keys

The electric organ was too high for me

I felt I never played it

Just right

To bring back the light in her eyes

I’d always give it another try

I was one with the notes

Reading the music

From very old brown sheets

I think that song became a part of me.

When I came back to her

She was always turned

Waiting for me with a smile

As I returned

No longer lost in her stare

She was fully present

With me sitting there.

Then immediately up making sandwiches

Picnics under the grape arbor

Swinging in the hammock

Filling my life with utter glee

Nana and her little Bethy

I used to ponder

What was she thinking




As she stared blankly

Yet deeply

What was she waiting

Or wishing


I look out my window


And I stare

I connect to her

See her

Sitting there

35 years later

I know what was missing in her soul

It’s absent in me as I grow old

Now I know

About the sorrow

About the hope

About the losses

In time

So tonight

I searched for that plastic bin

That had those precious memories within

I traced the words I’d never read

Following with my finger

The melody in my head

I finally heard

And understood


She asked me play for her,

Ebb Tide.

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