So since I’ve written 2 intense posts for the week…here are lovely photos

Photos I took tonight on our little outing. These are pink birds called roseate spoonbills. Remarkable aren’t they! One had pink eyes and pink legs. The other had black eyes and orange legs. But pink feathers. Just magnificent. Way to end the week on a good note.

11 thoughts on “So since I’ve written 2 intense posts for the week…here are lovely photos

    1. Yay that makes me so happy!
      We had already been there over an hour when I saw the park ranger and she told us that the spoonbills were way in the back corner where I didn’t think was wheelchair accessible but it WAS! And there they were. I swear they smiled at me! They made little noises as they were getting food in the water. They looked so soft. I was thrilled. Absolutely thrilled. This area had a fence and I actually had to stand to take the photos which makes them even more powerful to me because I put in such effort to take them. After I just stood there and watched how beautiful they were acting like it was just totally normal to be PINK! And have a SPOONBILL!
      Thank you for the compliment on my photography. I was actually being a little hard on myself earlier wishing I were better. Hoping others did not think they wished I were better and then I looked at these birds and thought oh who cares. It was a beautiful moment and I love these photos! So thank you for making my night

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      1. Its been storming in florida everyday and today non stop heavy winds flooding. So weird how others have fires and drought while some have floods isnt it. Finally the rain has stopped for now . I bet the lakes and aquifer will be happy

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      2. I love storms, but hate wind!! I am assuming you didn’t have any damage?
        It’s been a dry winter here, winter is meant to be the wettest season here, but then this afternoon we have had a small, unexpected shower! Hooray! So thanks for sending it over haha


      3. I’m happy it left us and went over to you!!!
        I got up this morning and there are limbs all over the yard. Huge limbs. There was one that looked like it was sticking out of the windshield but it wasn’t. Just the way it landed.

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