15 thoughts on “#wildhorses the stallion

      1. Great, eh? 😉 thank you for the compliment. The desire to paint is VERY much there… but I’m just shy around 50 or 60 bucks in needed supplied now. Some of my paints are dried out (making an amazon wish list, lol) some day soon… I hope… I’ll be up and painting more… but priorities (like feeding the kids… lol) take president. My wife is eager to get me painting also… just going to be awhile…


      2. Yep feeding the kids DOES take priority to paint! But darn it I wish you had some paint. I know you really love to express your artistic ways.
        I can’t seem to find your wife’s blog and I thought I was following it. Can you send me the link to it?
        Thankfully my daughter is beyond the back to school shopping years. Those were expensive years

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      3. Holy moly! What an adventure that must be!!!! Im a little envious though of the fun times that you all could have with such a big family

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    1. Isn’t he!!! Just gorgeous. He napped forever but was far out there so when he woke up and came a little closer to the herd because some rambunctious kids were walking by, I got a few of him

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