1. “Take these broken wings and learn to fly.” I thought of that lyric when I saw the butterfly.
    The big crane face. That’s such a great photo. Up close and personal, but not really.
    The black crane looks like how I felt that day at the park, walking on the trail. lol.
    The blue jays are pretty as ever.
    Do you know what that last bird is? I like the color of its head. What’s in his (her?) mouth in the last photo?


    1. OMG I’ve been singing that song all day after seeing it! And then another song right after. Some country song ” with these broken wings….” don’t know who sings it.
      I loved how it zoomed in and I decided to see how close I could get of just his face. Was really neat. I wanted the lily pad to be greener though because in real life it WAS but it didn’t turn out like that for some reason.
      So the blue jays and the red bellied woodpecker were right next to each other. It’s a different kind of woodpecker but adorable and they were both eating the same thing. Looked like acorns but I’m not sure.

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      1. Hahaha, funny we thought of the same song. The other song that went through my mind was Mike and the Mechanics, Take these Broken Wings…”So take these broken wings and learn to fly again and learn to live so free.”

        Also the butterflies color is really vibrant and pretty. Don’t see those around here. At least I haven’t.

        Ah red bellied woodpecker. Should be a red headed woodpecker. 😀


      2. OMG me too. This is crazy. So many broken wing songs all going through our minds!
        I haven’t seen a butterfly like her. I almost wonder if she is a moth because her body size is so large. I will have to look it up
        I know, isn’t it weird he is called red bellied when he has no freaking red on his belly!!!!

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  2. So fun!
    I especially like that the critters all seem to accept you in their worlds. They are not afraid that this huge creature might want them for dinner. They don’t seem to see you as dinner, either, though, as a lawyer, I strongly advise you not to put that question to any alligator you might come across.
    Sincerely – TS Esq.


    1. 🙂 i inform them daily that i am their friend and not a foe, not dinner either.
      I think they must know id rather eat twice baked potatos and a salad than them any day!

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    1. Thank you! It was a fun outing. I love when I see so many wonderful things in one day.
      I just took my daughter through the prairie to watch the sunset and pet the horses on a farm across the prairie. I couldnt bring my camera because my arms hurt too badly and go figure their were sandhill cranes, butterflies, beautiful sunset, tiny birds everywhere. I was like UGHHH must remember this in my brain!!!!! Wish I had my camera!!!!


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