1. No it is snail eggs. Aren’t they really really cool. They were everywhere all over this place. We have only been here one time in the winter. They were fascinating to me.
      I love that you want to decorate with my photos . I kind of do too. My husaband really wants me to choose some to print to frame but I’m indecisive

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      1. Oh wow, yes they are very cool. Such a pretty pink. I’ve never seen them before. I was looking up Florida caterpillars after asking if they were a caterpillar. Lol. I get so itchy when I see them. Ugh. I used to pick up caterpillars all the time when I was a kid. But never the super furry ones, they always made me shutter and apparently still do.

        Just print them all, no need to pick. haha. 😀


      2. I uploaded 2660 to my favorite file yesterday. So i have to make that a LITTLE smaller!!! I’ve taken over 10,000 since christmas which is just insane. But like the blue bird that i posted i took over 75 of him and only 15 or so were good and clear. I have lots of favorites though. The deer definitely but some of the birds and their expressions. I think i like the pictures most that have expressions and make me feel something of a calm or smile when i see them

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      3. Wow! That’s a lot of photos. I like the same kind too. It’s nice when feeling like crap to have something bring a smile to your face.

        Funny is definitely good.

        Some of the wild horse photos would be nice to decorate with too.


      4. My husband already has plans to decorate the house with some of the wild horses. We are going to take some photos down from other people and use the frames for my stufff since it has more meaning

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      5. I have them saved on a memory stick thingy but I may upload them to shutterfly or an online place that is cheaper to have them printed

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      1. Yes! Isn’t it cool. The limpkin bird that I have taken photos of eat these snails. I have a photo of the mama feeding one to her baby. They are massive snails. The snails were out there too but I just couldn’tget a good shot of one. I happen to love snails. We have tiny ones all around our house that climb on the window and i like to hold them. But i’ve never seen any as big as the ones out at the prairie that come from these eggs. Not sure I’d hold these massive guys

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      2. I have tons on my blog of photos. Videos of them with their mom, feeding babies, all on adventures wtih the husband if you want to search that in my blog you will see many of them. I love them. They are brown and white

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    1. Their are park rangers and I ask them and sometimes the other people out there are photographers of special endangered things and know a lot about the ecosystem, etc, so it is quite a learning experience. Then I come home and read as much as I can

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