5 thoughts on “My favorite sunset #sunsetphoto

  1. I have been enamored by sunsets all of my life. Growing up on a high desert plateau, the sky was our “landscape.” And just when you thought the colors and the forms were perfect, they would morph into other forms and colors. So each evening provided a panoply of wonder. As lovely as cameras are, they seldom capture the essence of the real thing. Yet, they are so much better than most attempts to paint the sunset. This photograph was great, though.


    1. It’s true. I come home and think…but it looked better than that! You are so right how the changes are so quick. The clouds and the oranges go to pink and blue. I love how the sky changes. It can encourage me and give me the hope I need to just watch a sunset. I would love to see a desert sunset.
      This photo was the closest one I’ve had to what I’m really seeing and on the water too it was gorgeous


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