9 thoughts on “The hawk with my new lens

    1. I don’t think so. Their are 2 and I think this one has different coloring. 2 babies that were from the nest across the road. This one almost hit my head with his wing. He flew down to get something then saw me and flew back up and his wing barely went above my head. His underside is lighter than the other one. Infact i saw his tail feathers are almost white which is unusual. The other one has one blue and one yellow eye. This one had the same color eyes

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      1. Oh wow! An odd-eye hawk. That’s pretty cool. My childhood cat was all white and had one blue eye and one yellow eye. She was also deaf. Not sure if those two things are related to each other but I was told they are. However I know w couple who have a white cat with a blue eye and a yellow eye and she’s not deaf. So who knows.

        Anyway, How did that feel to have a hawk almost hit your head with his wing? Not sure how I’d feel about that.


      2. It was pretty cool actually. I had the owl do it once too. Just got too close.
        We had so many cats growing up. I have also heard that the white ones can be deaf. I wonder why.w e never had a white cat but every other cat. We had tons of cats and dogs and animals

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  1. If you’re ever wondering what type of lens to get next, I recommend a macro lens. They’re amazing and you’ll get details you haven’t even noticed. 😉


    1. My husband already had his eye on that! This is so funny you mentioned it.
      He just bought me the 100-400 lens and it is pretty freaking cool. Macro is next for sure after I learn how to use this one which will keep me entertained for awhile. The only frustrating thing about this one is it is heavy. 2lbs and with my joints from lyme and muscle weakness I’m pretty sore from just 20 min of photos. But worth it. I am loving this. I can’t wait to see some of your photos


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