New camera lens photos

I got my new zoom lens last night at 7:30 and immediately left home for 15 minutes and took photos. Then it started to rain. Today I had about 20 minutes of a break in the rain to take photos I’m so excited about this lens! I feel like I am right there with the flower and the bird and it just brings mindfulness to an entirely new level! I hope you enjoy the photos. I think the lens saved my life. I was so deeply depressed last night that I put the lens in the garage and got into bed. Then I promptly got up and attached it to my camera and made the choice to just try! It was worth it.

25 thoughts on “New camera lens photos

  1. I’m sorry about that damn depression. It’s like a fricken’ parasite. But I’m so glad you decided to take these photos with your new lens. I’ve been looking forward to seeing what the lens in your hands can do.

    These photos are so beautiful. Idk, I think you need a gallery showing to be quite honest.

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    1. Aren’t they so freaking awesome!!! I’m so excited. Then a hawk flew down just now and I Took a ton of pictures of him!
      My daughter and I put fake tattoos on and dressed up all patriotically and i sang a song to make her laugh. I will post it on here later just so people see what I can muster up to make my daughter happy.
      Freaking love this lens though!!!!!
      I was despondent in my bed and was like nope i HAVE to see wht this lens can do. Then tonight it’s raining all day but the second it was a break i went out

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    1. Me too! I’m so excited. Went back out twice even though I kept trying to be depresssed! My heart kept saying NO nature is out there go out. Not that i Really am trying to be depressed but i fall back into it very quickly. It’s just good to know i can snap back even for a moment through a lens

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      1. Oh i had no clue and still have no clue. My husband said AGAIN can you please actually learn how to use it and read the manual so you can set different settings nope.not gonna do it. I don’t want to lose the reason i am using it by getting all technical and frustrated. So i set it on auto setting and push the button !!!

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  2. It is great that you tried out your new lense! Your pictures are beautiful! It is much more fun to take the pictures than reading the manuals. Isn’t it the practice that makes it perfect? Again, beautiful pictures!


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