And evening with some deer

My husband and I spent the evening with 16 deer.

They were majestic. They were pure. They were like being with angels. So calming and serene.

Here are some photos I took. The baby was right next to me.

24 thoughts on “And evening with some deer

    1. I want to frame one for sure. I was so close it was a real blessing. Some were blurry but I posted them anyway because it showed the love between the two.
      Thank you for the compliment

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      1. The one is so different and her baby looks just like her with a more thin nose and a dark streak down it. Being with them was just so cool and so many! We would move along and more after more would appear. Im really glad you liked them as much as we did. My husband took a photo of the baby and me but hes sleeping so I can’t post that yet

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    1. A kagillion times. At first we thought parathyroid because it was elevated for years but now its normal and still same issues, thanks for thinking of me though


  1. I ‘liked’ this but never commented.
    I’m completely envious of this experience. Lol
    They are all so gorgeous.

    I just watched a video that made me think of you and sent it to your email.

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