A day in the life of me : the deli guy

Once a month or so I drive my daughter to a deli down road. It is the easiest drive because it only takes 10 steps to walk into the deli counter. Unfortunately, their is a total jerk that works at this deli. We have had an issue with him before when he looked up my name by credit card on his computer to get my contact info to seek me out on social media because he wanted to ask my daughter out. I wrote about that on my blog somewhere. It was months ago. He didn’t get fired. Apparently he must have had an old fashioned talking to though.

So my daughter is feeling up for an outing and we go to the deli. Sure enough, I shall call him the Mr. P (for prick) is walking out the door with hands full of garbage. He had to walk right in front of us and saw us. He was carrying two massive bags of garbage from the deli taking it out to the dumpster. We go in and place our order and the girl tells us that only Mr. P can make the food and he’s taken the garbage out. Well he gets back and stomps past us. I mean stomps. Then I watch him grab gloves out of a box. His garbage hands were on the same part of the gloves that would be making my sandwich!!!! His hands were nasty! Garbage!!!!!! He puts a new garbage bag in the garbage can and proceeds to make our sandwich. He’s having a fit and throwing food on the ground and paper products on the ground. Obviously in a huff that he has to make our food. I stood there wanting to tell him to make me a new sandwich. I wanted to say um wash your hands!!!! I said nothing. It’s the whole intimidation, PTSD, loss of voice thing that gets me every time. I HATE IT. I HATE PTSD. I HATE this stupid muscle disease that makes me going to a little deli cause me so much muscle pain. I HATE that I can’t just be a normal mom that takes her daughter out but NOOO I don’t even have the ability to tell this Mr. P to wash his disgusting hands. Even KNOWING my daughter has zero immune system. I have zero immune system. Still. The PTSD is stronger than all of that. I am frozen. After he make the sandwiches he throws the food at my daughter. And she says in her sweet little voice “thank you,”and he IGNORES her! The blood rushes from my face. I have rage. But I cannot speak.

“Sweet Bethany” as my old bitch friend called me, has no voice. She made a point one day of saying she’d rather have that Bethany than the Bethany now who doesn’t let people use her as a garbage can!!!! What’s so ironic is that I am only one Bethany. I am still sweet Bethany. I just happen to know how to use my anger when necessary and I cuss like a sailor on occasion because well…silence for a lifetime sometimes results in some cussing. And occasionally eating a garbage sandwich while reverting to old ways.

We go to the car and I open my garbage contaminated sandwich knowing I have not eaten all day and I have to eat it or I won’t have the strength to even drive us home and FUCK I can’t go anywhere else to get food!!!!!!!! All of a sudden the way he spoke to my daughter and the fact that she barely leaves our house was just too much. I got out of the car, her following me and open the door to the deli. I find my voice. “YOU DIDN’T WASH YOUR HANDS!” The little girl then says, “ He wore gloves” at which point I say “ HE TOOK OUT GARBAGE> TOUCHED GARBAGE! THEN THINKS ITS OK TO THROW FOOD AT MY DAUGHTER> NOT OK!!!” A hush falls over the other deli customers. They start whispering. But Mr. P just ignores me and acts like I am not speaking words at all at which point my daughter gets protective (she is insanely protective over me as I am over her) and yells at him to listen to me! I put this in quotes because later I find my daughter recorded the entire thing on her cell phone because she knew that Mr. P would lie later and wanted it documented.

Mr. P just had a smirk on his face. That smirk. Mmmmmmmm. That fuckin smirk. I tell my daughter it is time to leave. We get back in the car and then I definitely have to finish my garbage sandwich because the adrenaline made me almost pass out!!!!

So I ate my garbage sandwich, messaged the owner of the deli, then drove us to the prairie to visit the animals because this outing could NOT end on this note. Leaving the house is rare and I would not have it end badly. So we visited the horses. I got to give my favorite horse some kisses. We visited the goats. We saw a beautiful sunset and then sang phantom of the opera songs on the way home, her favorite. Fast forward to today…I slept little…had nightmares all night long and too much pain to really sleep. I had these awful apocalypse nightmares. Anyway, I thought I had avoided illness from garbage sandwich but tonight I developed a low fever and sore throat. Huge triggers for me…being sick on top of what I am already dealing with is just not a good thing. It causes vulnerability another huge trigger! So I loaded up on herbs in hopes I wake up fine. I tell my daughter I had nightmares of the apocalypse and she lovingly says, ” You’ve already shown how badly you can handle the apocalypse so we’re just gonna leave that up to me.” Then she proceeds to show me how I spoke to Mr. P last night. She says, ” Mom do you really think THAT is rage?”I said no honey I had inner rage but that was the only voice that could come out. She assures me she’ll always have my back even in the apocalypse and we call it a day. Gotta love this girl.

Just another day of me…

Photos of me by my daughter…others by me….

26 thoughts on “A day in the life of me : the deli guy

  1. God I hate that guy. He is such a baby and should be let go. If he had a talking to, it didn’t do much. He is still treating you and your daughter like garbage. I know that if I owned that place and knew I had an employee acting like a fucking two year old I would not keep him on as an employee.

    I know there are laws that keep owners from being able to fire people on the spot. If they do it’s a loop hole for them to be able to get unemployment. This little baby doesn’t even deserve that. So hopefully he’s been given his warning and can be fired now for his anti-social behavior.

    It’s disgusting not to wash your hands before prepping someone’s food. That was completely unsanitary and can probably be reported to the state. Gloves or no gloves. Like you said, he touched trash and probably the dumpster (lifted lid) and then with his contaminated hands touched the gloves that touched the food. I get it. Not acceptable.

    Maybe check out OSHA too. He is being the most disrespectful POS and since it’s a public place that you have a right to patronize, his behavior should be curbed.

    Sorry you deal with such a prick when you just want a damn sandwich.


    1. Yep. The laws I think kept him from being fired. But he will wish he would have if the dept of health comes in right? All for a fucking sandwich!!!!! But really because it’s the only place I can drive to. Praying something else opens up near there soon since I have to scratch this place off the list.
      The rudeness I didn’t as much care about it was the risk of getting sick. Which I now am no surprise. Think of the snot and literal garbage that goes into a dumpster that he lifted the lid to. Disgusts me. I was more upset about my inability to say anything though. So mad at myself.
      Just one of those suck things. Like just let me go out with my child and get a sandwich to make her happy! That’s all I want! The only other place is a pizza place and we can only do that so often. Gets old. This place had such variety. Ugh sucks all of it


      1. I hope he gets the boot. I just have no pity for that kind of unprofessional behavior. If he’s that immature he has no place as a so-called professional. And if you make money at something then you’re a professional. I’ve worked in the food industry and I can not think of a single owner/boss I worked for that would tolerate that behavior. I would not even have thought to behave like that. And I have never seen anyone treat a customer like that. Sure there’s talk once they leave, about how picky someone is or whatever, but wanting hands washed is NEVER picky and should not have to be asked for.

        I know what you mean about not being able to speak up. Been there for sure. I have issues with it myself. And then of course you kick yourself afterward and just makes you more angry about the entire thing.

        Thing is you should not have to speak up. I’m just really opinionated about that kind of thing. You’re a customer, you should be treated kindly and with respect.

        I know why you go there, because it’s the closest and easiest for you. And again, you should not have to be the one to go elsewhere. He should be the one to behave like a damn adult. I think it’s awesome that you keep going back there.

        I know it was after the fact that you spoke up, but still…you spoke up. A step in the right direction.


  2. Hello Bethany Grand photos. I am glad you spoke up for yourself and even more I think you should arrange a talk with the owner of the deli. If need be play him the response of the employee. Further think of contacting the health department. This is not just about you but every other person who eats there in unsanitary food preparations. Also I have been told by friends that Uber drivers will sometimes go get food and deliver it for a fee. Also where I live they are introducing different food hub type app’s that you can order takeout from different restaurants and the app has drivers that deliver it. Ron and I have gotten spoiled by the local Publix stores. We can order online and then pop down and get a full meal ready to go. I do not know what is wrong with people like the boy who did your food. I honestly don’t understand that mind set. It’s a shame he had to ruin your night out to feel good about himself. I hope you feel better soon. Best wishes for your daughter and husband. Hugs


    1. Our publix doesn’t offer it yet but i have been seeing delivery options on some of the stores which is excellent. Great point about other customers and unsanitary and illness. Great point. Thank you for that scottie. Not just about me. Very important.
      Today was a little bit better of a day. I’m unfortunately fighting an illness of some sort obviously from my garbage sandwich. Runny nose and fever but i’m hoping my large ingestion of herbs last night and today will fix me for tomorrow. Hoping. Hugs

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    2. Ok I appreciate your comment. I just filled out a complaint to the dpt of health. If this employee stays there he is risking the health of everyone he serves. Unacceptable. Their was a family with two small children there too. I hope they aren’t sick.

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  3. I am fuming for you and your daughter. I hope he gets food poisoning. I hope his dick gets a disease and drops off and he dies a horrible death. I want to take a shit in a sandwich and send it to his home address. I am so glad you posted the beautiful pictures of you and your daughter with the animals. They are so lovely it made me tear up. Hugs for you ❤️


    1. I reported them to the health dept after I was sick for 3 days. They had 7 violations! I thought well this needed to be done to help other people not get sick.scotties comment on here helped me see that and I’m so glad I called.
      I was angry and upset for a week! Just like you after you read it.it was infuriating.
      But I’m ok now and I’m glad not to have to deal with them again.thank you for the support and understanding


    1. I KNOW!!!
      We ended up reporting the deli to the department of health and they came out and did an inspection and the deli got 8 violations!!! Gross!!!! We will never go back there again.
      He was a dick face. He really was!!!!!!

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