It’s what we do around here

While most people in the world were sleeping at 1:30AM my daughter and I had to save this tree frog. Now at first you think he for sure will not make it and it is distressing. But do not worry…I have many years of tree frog saving experience! It took an hour to finally get him rehabbed and back outside but he survived. It was tedious and I may have cried a little. Ok a LOT. Because every life matters to me (except rapists and pedophiles) and I will go to great lengths to try and save something that is injured.

Anyway…this is my daughter and me trying to and successfully helping a treefrog. Key…water!

2 thoughts on “It’s what we do around here

    1. Poor little fella broke my heart but by 6 am he was on his way. When I saw him stretch and knew he was still alive I was so happy to have ben awake to help him.
      Thank you for commenting. I love that you care and took the time to let me know

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